50 Top Innovative Companies that Started in Melbourne

50 Top Innovative Companies that Started in Melbourne

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Here at The Martec we love innovation, particularly when it comes from businesses from across the country. Whether that be Melbourne startups, top growing Melbourne companies or a look at Australian tech startups, we get real joy from digging up these success stories and delivering them to you.

You may have caught our recent article on 50 Top Innovative Companies that Started in Sydney. Now it is time to turn our attention to Melbourne, and see what homegrown gold has come from the world’s most livable city. While Melbourne can often live in the shadow of the larger economic hub of Sydney, we’re here to show you that there is no shortage of world leading innovation being honed right here in the Victorian capital.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the top 50 innovative companies that got their start in Melbourne.



MYOB is a Melbourne headquartered multinational corporation that delivers software and services to more than one million businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Their solutions simplify accounting, payroll, client management, websites and more. As the accounting industry has moved online so too has MYOB, adding an entire suite of online accounting solutions to its desktop offerings. MYOB are helping SMEs adapt to rapid market changes, assisting them in moving online and staying agile and profitable. They are utilising developments in technology to build intelligent and intuitive tools, designed to make life easier for businesses.


Curo provides families with the reassurance that their elderly or unwell loved ones are remaining independent and can continue to care for themselves. Using non-intrusive sensors in the home, Curo provides insights via a smartphone application which aims to change the way the world looks at ageing-in-place and the relationship between family and their loved ones. Curo shifts the focus away from emergency call-outs to better understanding the well-being, the care, and ultimately the independence of the elderly. To date Curo has received $1 million in seed investment and have expanded their operation to the US.


TRIBE is the world’s fastest-growing self-serve marketplace connecting brands with micro-influencers. This marketplace connects social media content creators with leading brands to transform word of mouth recommendations. The platform was initially created as a personal workflow solution for founder Jules Lund, to assist with his own time management of brands offering him payment to post on his social accounts. Today TRIBE has more than 33,000 influencers in the app and 6000 brand campaigns through the platform. The $5.35 million they secured in Series A funding has helped to support their global expansion, which has begun in earnest in the UK.

Planet Innovation

Planet Innovation is a HealthTech innovation and commercialisation company. They have their own portfolio of businesses, and also partner with world-leading organisations to help them create game-changing innovations to grow their business. One such innovation is Sofia2. Currently, tests for the flu are conducted on large, expensive instruments or sent to labs. Sofia2 uses a world-first fluorescence detector, cutting testing costs down markedly. It is also battery powered, making it a useful solution in third world countries.


Kalido is a CX firm with a big focus on data capability. Last May, IVE’s Kalido acquired customer analytics and marketing automation agency JBA who had independently been through huge growth in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud arena. Kalido is centred on delivering a complete offering for businesses who are focused on marketing automation and evolving the customer experience – from strategy through to platform enablement. The agency has recently launched in both Hong Kong and Singapore, and have plans to continue their Asian expansion. Strategically they will be looking at cross-cloud in the Salesforce universe and how they service clients in the space.

CHE Proximity

CHE Proximity solves business problems by starting with the value of customers. By combining data, technology, customer experience and disruptive content, they engineer communications that change customer behaviour and motivate greater commercial return. One ingenious creation delivered for CHE Proximity client Cochlear was a short film “does love last forever?” The film was cleverly designed to test the hearing of the audience without them knowing; it actually has two different endings, which differ depending on the viewer’s hearing ability. The short film has been nominated for The People’s Voice Award at The Webbys.


RotaGeek is an online employee scheduling software that allows businesses to easily create schedules and send emails and text alerts to employees. In the four years since launch, the team have signed some major enterprise clients and expanded their workforce considerably. RotaGeek originated in Melbourne and recently expanded to the UK after winning a major telco client, O2. Within the first year, using data from 270 O2 retail stores to better match 6,300 staff hours to when and where people were most needed, the team delivered a staggering £2.5 million in savings. While RotaGeek is expanding quickly, their approach and their ambitions remain as personal as ever.


Plattar is an augmented reality app builder and content management system. Founder Rupert Deans saw that AR software and content was difficult and costly to create, and he also realised that this was the exact problem that the likes of WordPress had solved in the early days of website building. Thus, he took the opportunity to create the world’s first augmented reality enablement platform for businesses and individuals to create, manage and deploy augmented reality and mixed reality experiences. Since their launch in 2015, Plattar has raised $1.1 million in capital from News Corp to help continue their plans for world domination in this space.


Unlockd is an enterprise mobile platform which rewards consumers when they unlock their mobile phone. The revolutionary ad and content funded mobile platform provides consumers a ‘value exchange’ – whether it be discounts off their mobile phone bill, free data or premium entertainment content – in exchange for viewing ads, content or offers upon unlocking their smartphone. This Melbourne-born startup has expanded to New York and London, and have significant content and advertising partners including Twitter, Yahoo, MoPub, McDonald’s, British Airways, Doritos and Uber. They have successfully positioned themselves as the world’s first attention-based virtual currency.


ResponSight’s behavioural analytics technology monitors usage and detects non-users sooner than any other platform. Every user has a behavioural fingerprint; a unique, nuanced way that they use their own computer. Behavioural fingerprints can be monitored to detect malware and attackers who don’t behave the same way as a typical end user. Investing in detecting security breaches as early as possible allows organisations to take control. ResponSight was first pitched at BlueChilli’s Disrupt@Scale startup program and they were announced as the winners in February of 2015. In 2016 they raised $1.15 million in seed funding, allowing them to continue development of their world-leading platform.


Timelio is a high growth FinTech company with an online marketplace for invoice finance and supply chain finance. Timelio brings together growing businesses directly with a network of investors who fund their invoices. Businesses can enhance cash flow by getting their customer invoices paid in less than 24 hours. The founders – a husband and wife team – noticed how tough it was for Australian SMEs to grow their businesses without access to adequate finance. It was clear to them that the industry had not kept pace with changes in technology. Timelio has raised $5.5 million in capital, and aspire to be the first Australian FinTech startup to fund $1 billion to Australian SMEs.


Revium are a web development company specialising in custom CMS development – Kentico, Sitecore, WordPress, RISE – and bespoke web development. Unlike other web development agencies, Revium are ‘Digital Transformation Specialists,’ delivering strategy, design and implementation for big-name clients throughout Australia, including Swisse Vitamins, Sumo Power, Simply Energy, the Victorian Government and many Royal Colleges. Although they are a development house, their point of difference is in their consultancy services. Currently they are advising the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners on the software they should be considering to run their business in the future. The systems and websites they design and deliver are mission critical.

nura Headphones

nuraphones are personalised to you, understanding how you hear the moment you put them on and filling the gaps in your hearing. We all hear differently, a fact that nura uses to produce sound that is perfect for each individual who wears their headphones. nura was founded by a team of music lovers with expertise in engineering, acoustics, biology, and hearing science. The company attracted US$1.8 million in funding on Kickstarter, making it the best funded Australian campaign ever. Later, nura announced it had raised $6 million in seed capital, bringing its total funding to more than $8.5 million. At the end of 2017 nuraphone launched around the world.

The Lumery

The Lumery is a unique collective of MarTech and AdTech experts providing brands with advisory, strategy and execution services on the applications they have today, and will have in the future. Tired of thebuzzword approach around MarTech, the founders believe that brands have traditionally had limited options to call upon when seeking agencies who have real experience in helping leading organisations not just leverage the technology available to them, but who actually deliver business results. In their first 12 months the team set up shop in Cremorne and have built a talented team which services clients including Australia Post and Jetstar.


Carsales is the largest online automotive, motorcycle and marine classifieds business in Australia. They have a growing team of over 1400 passionate professionals from across the globe, who combine to attract more Australians interested in buying or selling cars, motorcycles, trucks, caravans and boats than any other classified group of websites. Founded in modest circumstances in 1997, today Carsales boasts a large national portfolio and ever-expanding international portfolio. As a business, they value technology and innovation to ensure their offerings always remain first class, with customer experience at the forefront.


littlepay is a FinTech start-up focused on developing micro payment processing services. They’ve created a versatile open-loop payment platform which can be adapted to suit a range of industry applications. The platform helps transport authorities, operators, and service providers to accept open payments quickly, simply and safely through cloud-based bank-grade infrastructure. Recently they launched a contactless payment solution with two of the UK’s major transport operators, allowing travellers to use their mobile wallet, payment card or wearable device to pay for travel. With backing from a global investment company, they’re leveraging their expertise in international payments to create a customisable global solution.


On a mission to digitise the match day experience, RefLIVE is the first smartwatch app to be used in a FIFA International match and currently has users in over 45 countries. RefLIVE was the result of founder Simon Murphy’s combined passion for sport, technology and entrepreneurship. RefLIVE allows officials to track time and record match information digitally rather than with a stopwatch, notepad and pen. Already cementing their position as the world leader in smartwatch technology for sports officials. RefLIVE plans to continue to revolutionise sports administration worldwide through a range of products in different sports.


Passel is the world’s first crowdsourced online delivery option. Many years ago founder Marshall Hughes predicted that the time will come when you are wandering around the shopping centre and receive a message on your phone saying “Hey Stephanie, Mrs. Jones, who lives around the corner from you, has just bought a shirt from Myer. If you deliver it on your way home we’ll give you a $10 voucher!” Years later, after realising that this idea still hadn’t been actioned, Marshall quit his job to turn his prediction into reality. Passel launched in Melbourne in September of 2017 with a number of retail clients including Motto Fashion. They are already being watched by Silicon Valley, which they plan to tackle after delivering 300,000 items in Australia next year.


Versent helps businesses understand, transform and operate in the cloud. They do this through consulting, managed services and software development across multiple cloud platforms, fostering an environment of innovation for their clients. Only four years young, Versent has grown at a rapid pace. Today they have over 130 staff across three cities in Australia, were named in the BRW Fast 50 list, and won Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner of the Year. In the future they are focused on expanding further into full-stack development.


MoneyPlace is an online marketplace that connects investors with credit-worthy borrowers. MoneyPlace is a peer-to-peer lending platform that connects borrowers with investors offering personal loans. Users have to apply online in order to get a credit estimate, after which they will be matched with suitable investors. Afterward, borrowers will get this money electronically transferred to their respective accounts. MoneyPlace was launched by ex-NAB employee Stuart Stoyan in 2014 when he saw that banks were no longer doing their part to support customers. Earlier this year it was announced that non-bank lender Liberty had purchased MoneyPlace, in a deal that will provide the marketplace lender with the funding flexibility to target direct rivals and the big four banks.


PHORIA is an immersive media startup on a mission to empower anyone to experience a physical place in a digital space. PHORIA was originally born from the pain of looking for a new home, and helped drive early adoption of VR in the property sector. This was achieved through the power of emerging innovative tools like virtual, augmented and mixed reality. PHORIA helped launch 3D media and interactive VR tours into the Australian mainstream through VR on the BLOCK. With broad possibilities for application, PHORIA quickly evolved, leveraging VR as a means to reduce pain and anxiety. They are also developing machine learning and cognitive computing capabilities into their software. As the market opens up, they look forward to a world where holograms, AI and augmented senses are mainstream.


ActivePipe launched the real estate industry into the digital and increasingly consumer focused 21st-century market. ActivePipe uses automated email-marketing campaigns that operate on a real estate agent’s behalf, with communication that is powerful, consistent and personalised.  Smart data analytics and advanced reporting features eliminate the guesswork, telling agents who is ready to transact, allowing them to close more deals. Today ActivePipe is used by over 700 offices in Australia, including Ray White, LJ Hooker and Barry Plant. They are backed by NAB Ventures, Pie Lab Venture Partners, and a host of other strategic investors.


Liven is a restaurant discovery and rewards platform that actually pays users to do what they already love to do – eat out. The founders saw the emerging potential of mobile payments and added a unique charity component to the app, to allow people to share their rewards with those in need. This gives charities an entirely new way to fundraise, that was built on the ethos of asking people to give when well fed, rather than when stopped on the street. Restaurants benefit by attracting new customers that they can retain through the loyalty mechanism of the app and by associating their brands with the good work of charities. The team has raised $10 million in venture capital which will help them expand into a third Australian city, followed by the US and UK markets.


elevio helps businesses increase user engagement and loyalty, while simultaneously lowering support costs. Being embedded within their customer’s products, elevio has the unique advantage of being able to bring context to content. The customer education platform makes it easy to offer the right help to the right people at the right time. elevio’s founders saw that the way support content was being delivered to users was fundamentally broken, so they took it upon themselves to rethink support content creation and delivery. The business has quickly grown from a bootstrapped side project to being a venture-backed company with hundreds of customers globally.


Agersens is developing an innovative solution to enable automated movement and control of livestock. Their technology consists of a device which connects animals to the internet. The benefits to farmers include increasing productivity and reducing operational costs, improving the health and welfare of livestock, and improving the environment by helping farmers prevent cattle from polluting our waterways. Agersens has negotiated a worldwide exclusive licence to CSIRO intellectual property that trains an animal to stay or move within a virtual fence. A farmer can create any number of movable virtual fences using their smartphone or tablet. Hypothetically, a farmer sipping a latte in NYC could move their cattle from one paddock to another in Australia with a touch of their iPhone.


Computershare is a true Aussie success story, going from modest beginnings in 1978 to a recognised global leader in their field, employing over 16,000 people in around 90 offices worldwide. They have a strong focus on delivering certainty, ingenuity and advantage to their clients and promote an entrepreneurial spirit. This year Computershare has been in the financial news for all the right reasons, with strong performing stocks and economists selling them as a stable investment.


Milanote is the notes app for creative work that puts it all together. Users can see their ideas, notes and research side by side. The platform is used by designers, writers, marketers and other creative professionals from companies like Facebook, Apple, Uber, Google, Philips and Nike. Originally designed as an internal tool for their other business, the founders soon realised it was something that could be applied to any creative process. In the first few months of spinning it out as a business, they garnered more than 40,000 sign-ups and today have a loyal user base that is growing rapidly.


Memobottle provides a balance between environmental sustainability and convenience. All about innovation and on a mission to reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottles being manufactured every day, Flank Pty Ltd designed the Memobottle, a durable, long-life, reusable bottle constructed from a recyclable BPA-free plastic. Resembling the shape of a piece of paper, the memobottle is a slimline, premium bottle designed to slide into your carry bag alongside your computer, books and personal items. Flank now operates out of Melbourne and San Diego, and is committed to the design and creation of products at the intersection of lifestyle convenience and environmental aid.

Culture Amp

Culture Amp optimises the employee survey experience through simple, intuitive UX and intelligence analytics. The platform makes it easy for companies to collect, understand and act on employee feedback. Culture Amp was launched with the global mission of making the power of people analytics accessible to all. They have raised over $20 million in VC funding and have grown to over 100 people in four offices around the globe. They work with thousands of clients globally, from Airbnb and Adobe to Pixar and Pinterest, and work locally with all but four of the AFL clubs and many of Australia’s most culture-focused organisations.

Yume Food

Yume Food is a marketplace that helps connect businesses that have a premium surplus or excess produce with other businesses who can use it. Yume was created to minimise the amount of food that’s wasted in the commercial food sector. The existing food supply framework in Australia means that 9.5 million tonnes of food is discarded each year. It’s estimated that between 400,000 and 600,000 tonnes of that food is accessible, edible, quality food and could not just be rescued, but eaten and enjoyed. For buyers, the platform acts as an opportunity to purchase quality surplus food at heavily discounted rates. For suppliers, the platform offers access to a large network of buyers outside of their normal sales networks.

Liminal VR

Liminal VR combines neuroscience and design principles in virtual reality to induce a range of cognitive and emotional states in people, like calm and energy. Their mission is to safely empower people to choose how they want to feel throughout the course of the day. The founders’ love of existing and emerging technologies combined with a fascination and lifelong interest in all forms of psychology led them to the idea that combining human psychology with the power of virtual reality was a natural progression for the human mind. Liminal have education partners around the world that are introducing the company’s research into their curriculum.


IRESS designs, develops and delivers technology for the financial services industry. Whether trading on global financial markets, managing investments, providing mortgages or helping clients plan their financial future, they offer reliable software, and a team that delivers real outcomes. Their complete end-to-end solutions enable customers to engage and service clients across all channels, achieve operational efficiencies, make considered decisions, and monitor and manage risk. In recent years, IRESS has bought three small FinTech companies – Financial Synergy, Pulse and Proquote – which all supplement its market-leading data business. Their proven technology, expertise and implementation track record is what draws in their broad range of clients, from the world’s most iconic financial services brands to small business entrepreneurs.


Blockfreight provides innovative solutions for freight and shipping. Within their active R&D they engineer novel systems and standards to solve inherent issues and eliminate cost centres which arise during the standard shipping process. Their platform is all about bringing efficiency to their customers’ operations, as they monitor thousands of daily movements in loading and unloading of shipping containers during both the import & export cycles. One aspect of their business is developing near real-time solutions, which affords all shipping related parties access and tracking with active alerting and notifications from a unified cloud-based dashboard environment. Blockfreight was designed to bring enhanced levels of operational efficiency and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Creator Global

Based on the projected growth of Internet of Things (IoT) and their experience in designing devices, Creator Global saw that many large corporates were spending significant budgets on IoT projects, starting with the technology without understanding the problem they were solving. The founders of this product innovation business designed a product development process for brands and enterprise companies that helps them use emerging technology to solve their biggest challenges. Creator Global provides consulting services to help clients with IoT strategy, and the development of connected devices. In North America they are working with leading beverage brands like Coca-cola and Anheuser-Busch InBev. In Australia, the team works with clients such as Telstra, the RACV and Bacardi.


Finch is a FinTech startup with a vision to reimagine the consumer finance experience. In 2016, Finch beat over 100 FinTech startups from around the world for one of eight spots in Silicon Valley’s top FinTech incubator – Envestnet | Yodlee. The founders realised that traditional banks and institutions are struggling to understand the millennial generation and their financial habits. The app is social spending app for Australian millennials that allows them to pay friends, stay friends, and achieve financial wellness together. Since their launch in 2017 the app has garnered a significant and loyal user base of young Australians.


Fillr’s ‘autofill as a service’ seamlessly integrates into clients’ apps, enabling customers to transact faster, boosting conversions and revenue. Their mapping engine, algorithms and machine learning technology utilise advanced proprietary textual heuristics to read forms as close to human representation as possible. This enables Fillr to be one of the most intelligent and accurate autofill solutions in the world. Fillr has offices in Melbourne and San Francisco and is backed by SoftBank China Capital, Southern Cross Venture Partners, Reinventure and Constant Innovation.They have had over 11 million transactions (with the majority from the USA and UK) from over 425,000 different businesses.


Airwallex helps businesses make better international payments at scale. While businesses have been evolving at the speed of light, payments have been lagging behind. In this increasingly globalised world, having the right infrastructure for cross-border payments is crucial. The Airwallex team developed a technology that uses machine learning to determine the most cost-effective way of settling every payment that comes through the platform. Airwallex is backed by a team of high profile investors including Tencent, Sequoia Capital China, MasterCard and Gobi Partners, who share their drive for a more accessible currency market.


Previously ParentPaperwork, EdSmart helps schools to run smarter by digitising the form processing between school and parent, school and staff, and school and student. The benefits to the school are cost savings, improved compliance and data handling, better parent engagement, and reduced impact on the environment. EdSmart already has Brisbane Catholic Education Office schools (140 schools), KIPP Public Schools Houston (32 schools), and a range of marquee private schools including Scots College (Sydney), Canberra Girls Grammar and Hume Anglican Grammar on board. They are also partnering with GroupCall in the UK, have secured a couple of rounds of seed funding, and are exploring integrations with other EdTech products.


Doshii connects your ordering app, payment device, loyalty programs and reservations platforms to the POS. The platform was created to fix the growing need for integration between apps. It is the only Australian ‘middleware’ API for the hospitality industry. So far they have signed several of the largest POS in Australia, including Impos, H&L & SwiftPOS. They have a global agreement with Omnivore, who is the Doshii of the US. This means Doshii can provide Aussie Apps access to the US market and vice versa. Moving forward, they plan to continue signing the premier POS providers and onboarding more of the leading apps in Australia, before expanding into Asia.


CliniCloud is a revolutionary connected medical kit designed for home use. CliniCloud believe in the power of technology and design to help deliver a better healthcare experience. Founders Dr. Hon Weng Chong and Dr. Andrew Lin prototyped the first CliniCloud stethoscope in 2012, winning the Microsoft Imagine Cup. CliniCloud was launched in 2014, and they received $5 million in seed investment the following year. They now have two products available to bring health care into the home; a non-contact thermometer and the original stethoscope. Their products, technology and services are now used by thousands of people as well as by some of the world’s leading healthcare providers.

Travelport Locomote

Travelport Locomote is a corporate travel platform that reduces travel spend by simplifying the approval, booking & expense processes, all while keeping travellers safe. Locomote provides seamless online products designed to make booking travel easier and more efficient from anywhere in the world. Locomote is powered by app-based workflows, giving clients the ability to manage all their travel from one platform, integrated with partners they work with every day. The company is on the NYSE and services clients worldwide.


CrowdSpot is a map-based community engagement and data collection platform. It helps customers build online interactive project maps to crowdsource community feedback, generate spatial insights and ultimately make better decisions. Customers use this service to crowdsource transport issues or safety concerns directly from the public. After noticing poor decision-making with regard to future infrastructure improvements, founder Anthony Aisenberg thought it would be useful if all those who rode a bicycle in Melbourne could share their issues directly on a map. Since then they have conducted close to 50 projects across Australia and California. They have also been recognised with awards from the Planning Institute of Australia, the Melbourne Press Club and the Melbourne Accelerator Program.

CSL Limited

CSL Limited is one of Australia’s leading biotechnology companies, and one of the world’s top five biotech companies. CSL researches, develops, manufactures and markets products to treat serious medical conditions, and is currently one of Australia’s best performing companies on the ASX. They are Australia’s leader in vaccines, antivenom, and blood plasma products and have an international headcount of 17,000 with their footprint extending across the United States and Europe.


SEEK is a diverse group of companies, comprised of a strong portfolio of online employment, educational, commercial and volunteer businesses. SEEK operates across 19 countries with exposure to over four billion people. They are listed on the ASX, where they are a top 50 company, and have been listed in the Top 20 Most Innovative Companies Globally by Forbes (and were #1 in Australia). From their launch in 2001 through to now, the company has demonstrated a ceaseless commitment to innovation and adaptability.


Aurecon is an engineering and infrastructure advisory company, but not as you know it. Their clients’ ideas and aspirations drive all that they do. They work alongside their customers to co-create clever, innovative solutions to some of the world’s most complex challenges, adding value across the project lifecycle through deep technical and advisory expertise. Such innovation includes the Brisbane Flood Resilient And Accessible Ferry Terminals project. These terminals deploy world first detachable gangways; floatation tanks beneath the gangway that see it become buoyant in a flood and detach from the land mooring, swinging behind the pontoon and safely out of the way of debris. Aurecon serve clients across a range of markets worldwide.

Custom Innovation Co.

Custom Innovation Co. is an Australian-based technology enterprise with two core businesses focused on changing the global face of fashion e-commerce: Tailors Mark – a global custom online menswear brand, and Tec.Fit – a B2B cloud-based SaaS licensing company focused on providing world-class technology solutions to the fashion industry. Tec.Fit uses 3D printing technology to improve the tailoring process. This technology scans customers in 3D, then prints a 3D replica of their torso at the point of manufacture. Each business within the CIC Group pays particular attention to developing technology solutions that can be monetised from the source of the technology right through to the end customer.



Property Exchange Australia Ltd is the company charged with building Australia’s national online property exchange. As the ASX did for the exchange of shares, PEXA revolutionises the exchange of property by providing the industry with a platform that allows users to perform lodgements and settlements online. PEXA is a company with stakeholders such as the Victorian, NSW, Queensland and Western Australian State Governments as well as some of Australia’s largest financial institutions. The platform is open to all states and territories, and provides efficiencies and benefits to a broad range of users, including land titles offices, conveyancers, solicitors, banks and other financial institutions.

IE Digital

IE Digital is a leading digital technology consulting company with 17 years’ worth of experience working with many of Australia’s most progressive organisations; companies like APT Group, Lexus, Bupa, Australia Post, Telstra, Toyota, Movember and AGL. They offer a range of services from UX and design through to customer testing and platform development. While they are an established organisation, they employ a startup mindset. This is showcased in their IE Agile Plan, a product which helps clients analyse, design, plan and estimate a digital project in 4 weeks instead of 12 months. They have cross-functional teams in CMS platforms including Acquia, Adobe and Sitecore, as well as custom development capabilities.


Webjet is Australia and New Zealand’s leading online travel agency, having pioneered online travel tools and technology in the region. Their tech makes it easy to find, compare and book cheap flights, accommodation, holiday packages, cruises, motorhomes, travel insurance and more. They turn over revenue of $92 million annually and boast a team of 530 across the company. Their core business is selling flights and travel in Australia and New Zealand, but they also have B2B websites for hotels in the Middle East, Africa, North America, Europe and Asia.

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