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Meet REVIUM: Hawks Supporters & Boss Approved ‘Doona Days’


Written by Alex Holderness

February 9, 2016

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At eight years old, Revium are an accomplished company with a whole squadron of partner brands in their portfolio.

Unlike other web development agencies, Revium say they are ‘Digital Transformation Specialists’, delivering strategy, design and implementation for big name clients throughout Australia, who every minute of every day reap the rewards of Revium’s work.

For Revium’s clients, just existing on the web isn’t enough.

Change and Growth

Says Revium’s managing partner Andrew Ellett. “We’ve just moved into a new office space which is more reflective of the company and where we’re heading as an agency…

We have many strategies to add to the existing route to market via our Partnerships and Alliances. To name but a few; a new Sales & Marketing Manager position is being created, a new joint venture called Eleos Technologies selling into Government Departments and we are actively looking to increase our number of Partners by promoting existing staff or by having new equity holders.”

As a small business – there is only 25 of them currently – Revium compete with larger businesses for talent, not on price, but by offering a close knit environment where employees are trusted, valued and invested in.

“Our retention rates are really high. Generally speaking, anyone who stays with us beyond 12 months, will likely be here for at least another five and probably a lot longer than that” says Andrew.

“What helps us stand out are things like flexi-time and “doona days”. We are realists, we know that people need their own time and if you are on top of your workload, then we are ok with staff taking time out for themselves.

Maintaining our alliances with key technology partners (e.g. Adobe, Microsoft, Sitecore, Kentico, etc.) is obviously really important so we make sure we bring in good people, train them up, pay for their certification and we also half fund employees becoming members of associations, for example the Australian Computing Society.”

What is Exciting About the Future of Revium?

With a brand spanking new office and plans to grow their headcount, Revium are asking current staff to contribute to how they want the place to look and function.

“We understand staff spend a lot of time at work and we want them to be able to contribute to how the office space can work with and for them. This is one key area where Revium stands out – we want our staff to be involved and we welcome all feedback and ideas to improve the office, culture or processes of Revium.

From this we have a newly created ‘Culture Club’, where a member in each team is nominated to represent and take an active role in organising staff events, big and small on a monthly basis. Recently we’ve had a few BBQ lunches, an international food day, Friday drinks, sports days, morning teas, coffee runs and we have a lunchtime running and walking club.

We are able to differentiate ourselves in the market through the work we produce for our clients. Our developers hold a highly regarded reputation for the work and quality of coding and finished products. Our work speaks for itself and we are always realistic with what we can do,” says Andrew.

What Does the Work Look Like?

Some big clients Revium work with are Swisse Vitamins, Sumo Power, Red Energy, Simply Energy, Alinta Energy, the Victorian Government, as well as with many Royal Colleges.

Andrew says, “We are literally working with the bodies that train our doctors. It’s pretty interesting. The systems and websites are mission critical, they must work.

Although we are a development house, our point of difference is in our consultancy services. For example at the moment we are advising the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners on the software they should be considering to run their business into the future.”

Picturing the Perfect Employee

It goes without saying that the next hire for Revium must be someone who lives and breathes technology and the internet, but as Andrew says, they must be also willing to have a good time!

“We have a strong emphasis around a team who have an appetite for learning and keeping up with current industry trends, so we look at candidates who have a similar drive and who are open with sharing their knowledge and who can apply that said knowledge to their work.

We work in a fast moving industry and we are often faced with some complex situations. We look for people who can see a better way to explore these challenges and who get excited about finding a solution outside of the box. In order to do this we need candidates who want to be involved in team work.”

Oh, and one thing you need to know about Revium? Most of the office is made up of Hawks supporters, so if you support the Bombers or the Geelong Cats, then you may want to consider changing your stripes.

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Written by Alex Holderness

February 9, 2016

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