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The future of Employer Branding content is inevitably AI and the Martec is the leading name for the world's top brands. Improve your results. Meet your strategic objectives. Reduce your costs.

Strategic lifecycle enterprise Employer Branding content


Create lifecycle enterprise Employer Branding content


Distribute lifecycle enterprise Employer Branding content


People intelligence for lifecycle enterprise Employer Branding content


Reporting for lifecycle enterprise Employer Branding content


A screenshot of The Martec's employer branding AI-powered content marketing platform
A an example of employer branding content from an employee
An employee creating and promoting employer branding generated content

Celebrating 10 years as a senior software engineer

Andrew - Snr. Software Enginner

Logos from big employer branding companies: Adobe, Vodafone, Workday, Siemens, Philips, EY, CSL, HelloFresh, NTTBig employer branding logos using The Martec: Allianz, ASML, Mondelez, Lenovo, Cognizant, CGILogos from big employer branding companies using The Martec's AI-powered platformMobile images of the logos from big enterprise companies who trust The Martec's AI-powered employer branding content platform

For those who believe content is the key to attracting and retaining talent. Unlock unheard of people results with A.I.

How talent brand awareness is achieved with employer branding content

Talent brand awareness

How talent lifecycle conversion is achieved with employer branding content

Talent lifecycle conversion

How employee advocacy is achieved with employer branding content

Employee advocacy

How internal and external talent nurturing is achieved with employer branding content

Internal & external Talent nurturing

Lifts your results almost everywhere at Enterprise scale

Just a few of many real examples from top global Employer Brands

Optimizing job descriptions with AI-powered employer branding

Job Descriptions

generate optimized copy

+ 50% conversion

Improving careers website conversion with AI-powered employer branding

Careers website

conversion content

+85.5% increase

Increasing recruiter performance with AI-powered employer branding


right content right time

- 30% drop off

Improving talent attraction with AI-powered employer branding

Talent attraction

content marketing

+ 127% click through

Increasing pipeline talent nurturing to with AI-powered employer branding

Talent nurturing

people sharing

+ 137% pipeline increase

Activating employee advocacy with AI-powered employer branding

Employee advocacy

employee sharing

$1.7k EMV per advocate

Talent segment targeting with AI-powered employer branding

Segment targeting

targeting specific talent

+ 175% hard-to-hire

Internal talent communication with AI-powered employer branding

Internal Comms

Showcases, newsletters

98% advocate retention

Improving corporate diversity with AI-powered employer branding


internal advocate voices

+ women to exec team

Generate content for leaders with AI-powered employer branding

Leaders blogs

AI written and video

97% approval rate

The world’s only AI-powered Employer Branding content platform for talent

A screenshot of the AI-powered employer branding content and strategic planner from The Martec
A content recipe and template around promoting EVP to target audiences for employer branding

EVP Awareness Content Reciepe

Promote your EVP to target audiences


Planning your Employer Branding strategy using AI-powered employer branding content planner


AI Content Planner | AI People Intelligence

Plan a years worth of Employer Branding content at any scale; know who your best employees are for content creation and social sharing.

Creating content with AI-powered Employer Branding content generation


AI-Powered Writing | AI-Powered Video | AI Job Descriptions | Stories Studio

x10 your writing speed with AI generated expert questions and copy; generate Job Descriptions that motivate and convert more applicants; create videos with AI-prompts beyond ‘talking heads’.

Distribute employer branding content with AI-powered widgets, employee advocacy and more


Dynamic Online Widgets | Employee Advocacy | Recruiter Enablement

Convert more traffic with widgets on career sites, website and job adverts; generate copy for employee sharing earned media value; arm your recruiters with the right content at the right time.

Find your best people with AI-powered people intelligence


AI People Intelligence | People Activation

Use AI-powered scores to find the best employees for creating and sharing Employer Branding content to targeted segments; mass activate employees with Slack, QR codes and emails.

Image of customer loving using The Martec's enterprise employer branding content platform

Rated highly by the pro's on the platform

A star showing the high reviews from customers

9.7 satisfaction rating across employees, customers and leadership

David Phillips

Recruitment Marketing Director at CGI UK

The Martec is one of the best finds of my career. It is intrinsic to our recruitment marketing strategy, and I would recommend it to anyone who will listen.

Rebecca Farmer

Global Employer Branding Manager at Vodafone

The Martec has enabled us to build brilliant content globally. People across Vodafone are now approaching us wanting to get involved! We love the platform.

Kata McLeod

Regional Employer Branding at Allianz

The Martec does all the thinking for you. It creates efficiencies that save us hours of time in content planning and development.

Irina Zavyalova

Employer Brand Marketing Manager at CGI Canada

The Martec has raised our profile in the market, elevated our Employer Brand, and enabled us to hire new talent by cutting through the competition with content.

Laura Boyd

Head of Talent at Mable

We needed help rectifying the fact we're not at the forefront of the talent markets we are targeting. The Martec is the beginning of our journey to enhance our brand.

Simone Strachan

Head of Talent at Sportsbet

The Martec has supported the early inception of our brand advocate program, has helped us attract talent in our key market, plus showcase our Values and EVP.

We act as an extension of your team: from KPI reporting to hands-on execution

ROI and tool reports from employer branding platform

ROI and Tool Reports

Measure employer branding content effectiveness, and your end-to-end results

The Martec's customer success enterprise employer branding team

Customer success

A global team at hand to support and guide you every step of the way.

Sprints to achieve employer branding content targets

Quarterly reviews

Regular sprint sessions reviewing progress to employer branding targets.

Read some of our 90 day sprint reports

Infrogrid's team being successful with The Martec's AI-powered Employer Branding platform

Mission: drive more applicants to tech & sales roles

Result: 175% more tech and sales applicants

Siemen's team being successful with The Martec's AI-powered Employer Branding platform

Mission: attract and retain key talent segments

Result: 127% more click-through to careers pages

CSL's team being successful with The Martec's AI-powered Employer Branding platform

Mission: increase in tech, R&D and data science talent pool

Result: x12 increase in tech, R&D and data science talent

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Dawn Hollingworth

Global Head of Employer Branding and Talent Attraction

- Vodafone

Charlotte Marshall- Intuitive

Charlotte Marshall

Director, Global Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing

- Intuitive

Robin Dagostino- Boston Consulting Group

Robin Dagostino

Branding & Marketing Director

- Boston Consulting Group

Tish Teeluck- PwC

Tish Teeluck

Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing Leader

- PwC

Shaunda Zilich- Marriott International

Shaunda Zilich

Senior Director, Employer Brand and Talent Attraction

- Marriott International

Charlotte Anderson- Canva

Charlotte Anderson

Talent Brand Lead

- Canva

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