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Monday July 13 2020

MYOB on Why SME will Play a Big Role in The Future of Australian Tech


Written by Stephanie O'Brien

September 4, 2017

Melbourne MYOB Office

As the accounting industry has moved online, so too has MYOB, adding an entire suite of online accounting solutions to its desktop offerings.

Online or ‘cloud’ accounting is fast becoming the desired product for many businesses, accountants and bookkeepers, as it provides benefits in efficiencies, accessibility and usability.

Shaping the future of SMEs

With the rise of start-up culture and the increasing number of accessible tools to enable individuals to create their own businesses, SMEs are set to play a big part in shaping the future of Australia’s economy. While most start-ups are not the next Google, nor do they want to be. They may be people wanting to take control of their lives and create businesses that matter to them.

Learning from its own experience, MYOB has seen and conquered first-hand what many of its SME clients are facing right now. Many markets are changing rapidly, and moving online is essential to keep you nimble, agile and profitable.

Chris Staines, National Sales Manager for MYOB, joined the business in June 2017. Chris knew the SME market was going to be a huge driving force in Australia and wanted to be part of the growth.

“When I was looking to take the next step in my career, this is the part of the business that I wanted to get into.” explains Chris

Chris works directly with their accounting clients advising them on how the industry is changing and how to migrate their SMEs online.

MYOB Melbourne Office

More than accounting software

Accounting is traditionally about compliance; ticking boxes and checking everything is in order. With the move online and rise of automation, this is changing. The time it takes to complete the compliance work will minimise over the coming years and the importance of people augmenting the evolving technology will be crucial.

Accounting practices will find their roles shifting towards being advisors and business coaches for SMEs; helping them to get online, keep up with changes to the tax system and ensure they keep ahead of the game.

“While our business was built on ground-breaking accounting software, MYOB solutions now extend into business and financial solutions, to enable accounting practises and SMEs to run their business,”

“We are utilising developments in technology to build intelligent and intuitive tools, designed to make life easier for businesses,” says Chris.

Moving the masses online

The MYOB team is committed to guiding business as they migrate their accounting online and into the cloud. With customers online, MYOB software allows accountants and bookkeepers can be more agile working with their clients.

Around 1.2 million business currently use MYOB and the number of online clients and subscribers increasingly significantly every year.

Melbourne MYOB Meeting

Growth Plans

MYOB has grown from a technology start up all those years ago into large, publicly-listed company on the ASX.

As the company continues to evolve and grow, it will continue to look for passionate and knowledgeable people to join the team, determined to help businesses simplify success.


Written by Stephanie O'Brien

September 4, 2017

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