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ING Careers: Jobs, Opportunities & Perks

ING Careers: Jobs, Opportunities & Perks


Natasha Atkins

August 6, 2018

Career advice

As Australia’s most recommended bank, ING prides itself on providing an open and honest environment for its customers and employees. Workers at ING enjoy an immersive, buzzing environment and an award-winning corporate culture. They’ve continued to win a plethora of awards including Mozo’s Expert’s Choice Award in 2017, Money Magazine’s Money Minder of the Year 2017 and Mozo’s People’s Choice Award two years in a row!

Interested in knowing more about ING as an employer? Here are eight things you need to know about an ING career.

1. Be your authentic self

ING looks for employees who are their authentic selves, and never hide who they are. Differences in age, background, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability and religious beliefs enable ING to diversify its business, solve problems and respond to challenges in different ways. They have their own diversity manifesto and also offer numerous support networks to their employees, including Gala, supporting the LGBTI+ community, Enable, for employees with a disability, Lioness, a network empowering women, and many more! They were even a founding member of the International Platform for LGBTI Inclusion at Work.

2. Diverse perspectives

By encouraging diversity, the ING Team enjoys a diverse range of perspectives and people. Throughout their ING careers employees will receive encouragement for individuality, curiosity, imagination and open mindedness. To build a cohesive team, ING wants their employees to ask questions, stand up for what they believe in, and listen to their colleagues in order to to learn and grow.

3. No more hierarchy

ING careers encourage employees to work in an ‘agile’ way – a method derived from the Agile Manifesto that encourages collaboration, flexibility and problem solving. Say goodbye to the hierarchical structures of management and hello to multi-discipline ‘squads’ who trust, support, collaborate, listen and challenge each other. Each squad is small and intimate, and takes full responsibility for their customer-related purpose. Agile coaches look out for their squad, and make sure employees are working as a high performing team. With nothing carved in stone, employees have the freedom within their squad to delegate, ask and speak up with any ideas or about any issues, and reinvent products for their purpose.

4. Innovation on the job

ING is constantly looking to innovate their products and services. On the ING team you will be at the forefront of change, striving to take ING’s products to the next level. They connect ecosystems of employees to create new ideas through PACE, an innovation methodology that combines the best of lean startup, design thinking and agile. They also have a kitty of €25 million to support radically different internal ideas, and an Innovation Bootcamp at which employees can submit these ideas.

5. Graduate opportunities

If you’re an ambitious young graduate interested in developing your leadership potential, then take a look at ING’s International Talent Program (ITP). The ITP is a traineeship focusing on your passion, whatever it may be – retail banking, risk, operations and change, wholesale banking, information technology, finance, or human resources. At the beginning of the ITP traineeship you rotate between different projects and departments. This culminates in a choice between two long-term positions based on your experience and area of interest. ING wants to invest in your future, and encourages you to reach your full potential as an innovation leader of tomorrow.

6. International network

ING is a global bank of leaders, innovators and challengers of the status quo. As an employee you have the chance to work in 40 countries and with over 52,000 employees around the world. There are even opportunities in the ITP to meet fellow international trainees – an annual event features two weeks of intensive learning, collaborating and connecting with fellow participants from around the globe. Not a trainee? No problem. You can still enjoy ING’s global opportunities by starting or expanding your international network of like-minded professionals within the business.

7. Award winning culture

As a relatively young banking institution, ING is free of history and entrenched tradition, allowing them to build an award-winning, vibrant workplace. ING’s workplace is the foundation of their culture and support system, evolving to nurture their diverse range of employees and stakeholders. An ING career gives you the opportunity to be honest, open and direct with your colleagues and customers.

8. Employee perks

ING jobs come with a range of perks, including financial benefits, opportunities for leave, rewards, support and lifestyle benefits. Some of the best perks include discounts on a variety of insurance products, an extra day of annual leave to do whatever your heart desires, and flexible working arrangements with opportunities for part-time hours and job sharing.

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