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Sunday December 6 2020

The 10 most in-demand tech jobs for 2018 (and they pay really well)


Written by Akshay Sachdeva

January 9, 2018

in-demand tech jobs in Australia

The technology landscape has grown exponentially.

Large and small companies are bringing tech capability in-house, making bigger moves to the cloud, building more, getting more output from CRM and aiming to grow at the speed of light.  

Demand for the human skills needed to power this growth has therefore seriously increase. Safe to say there’s never been a better time to be working in tech.

According to Robert Half’s latest salary report, 34% of Australian CIOs say software development is the functional area within IT and technology that will create the most jobs over the next five years, and 43% say it is the most challenging area to source skilled IT professionals.

The results also stated the most competitive salary increases are in Melbourne with an average annual rise of 4.1%. Followed by Brisbane at 3.2%, Sydney at 2.2% and Perth at 1.1%.

With that in mind, we surveyed 50 tech employers hiring across Australia to take a look at the most in-demand jobs in tech this year.

Top skills in demand revolved around CRM technologies, PHP, Cloud technology (AWS). Big Data analytics, React and Digital product skills.

Here were 10 of the highest demand, and a little insight on what you could expect for a base salary.

1. DevOps Engineer

The goal of DevOps is to change and improve the relationship by advocating better communication and collaboration between these two business units.

DevOps roles often come in the form of Engineers, and there’s no formal career track for becoming a DevOps engineer, (aside from being certified in certain platforms such as Amazon Web Services).

You’re either a developer interested in deployment and network operations or sysadmin with a passion for scripting and coding.

Average Base Salary: $121,111 per year (Sydney) $118,000 (Melbourne)

2. DevSecOps Engineer

Like DevOps, DevSecOps seeks to achieve greater efficiency and productivity through team collaboration, but the DevSecOps approach incorporates security principles.

A DevSecOps Engineer is skilled at “security as code” with the intent of making security and compliance consumable as a service.

DevSecOps practitioners seek to work alongside developers at every step of the way, unlike traditional security approaches, which can be slow and come along too late in the deployment process.

Average Base Salary: $121,111 per year (Sydney) $118,000 (Melbourne)

3. QA Engineer

Software that doesn’t work properly won’t sell. Skilled QA engineers are therefore in demand to put programs through rigorous tests. The aim is to locate any areas of weakness to feedback to developers to address.  

Sometimes the role can be referred to as a Test Engineer; also in demand, the two have similar responsibilities.

Average Base Salary: $90,000 (Sydney) $92,000 (Melbourne)


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4. Mobile Developer

Mobile developers are a type of software developer specialising in mobile technology such as building apps for Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone platforms.

Demand for mobile developers across platforms has never been stronger as the industry tries to keep up with surging demand.

A good Apple iOS developer is proficient with either Objective-C or Swift and can utilize the Xcode development environment and the Cocoa Touch framework. An Android Developer is skilled in Java as the language that underpins all Android development.

Average Base Salary: $115,000 (Sydney) $106,000 (Melbourne)

5. UX Designer

User experience design (UX) is a role that’s grown in popularity over recent years. The key focus for a UX professional is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product.

UX designers have to have a very good understanding of technology, business goals and psychology. Their main task is to conduct user research, interviews and surveys, and then use the gathered information to create sitemaps, wireframes and prototypes.

The skills and responsibilities usually include research, prototyping, coding and visual communicating.

Average Base Salary: $125,000 (Sydney) $108,000 (Melbourne)

6. AI Engineers

Artificial Intelligence is growing at a rapid pace, from self-driving cars to Google Brain, the area is set to explode in popularity.

One role we already see significant demand for is that of the AI Engineer,  where demand is far outweighing supply. A background in software engineering is one of the critical requirements for the role, and an innate sense of curiosity and a drive for problem-solving.

Python is the most favourable artificial intelligence programming language that you can learn; you can also code artificial intelligence applications in C++, JAVA, etc.

Average Base Salary: $120,000 (Sydney), $108,000 (Melbourne)

7. Front End Developers

Superstar front-end developers have never been short of job opportunities, and this will continue well into 2018.

The front end of a website is the part users see and interact with – a critical part of any business. As the foundation ‘web developer’, a front-end web developer is responsible for implementing visual and interactive elements that users engage with through their web browser when using a web application.

Average Base Salary: $105,000 (Sydney) $95,000 (Melbourne)

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8. Blockchain Developer

The growth of Blockchain has naturally had an impact on demand for speciality developers.

There a variety of blockchain related roles that businesses are hiring for, and Blockchain companies are also hiring as they grow here in Australia (e.g. PowerLedger).

The first thing a developer needs is a background in computer science or engineering.

It also helps to have a sound understanding of the principles around blockchain systems.

Average Base Salary:  $103,000 (Sydney) $92,000 (Melbourne)

9. Cloud Engineer

As Cloud Solutions continue to be a mainstream part of any business, Cloud Engineers are in demand.

Cloud Engineers are responsible for designing, planning, managing, maintaining, and supporting the software associated with a chosen cloud computing solution (such as AWS or Adobe). Engineers are also responsible for writing, modifying, debugging, and re-testing software to ensure that it is optimally supporting cloud applications and deployments.

Average Base Salary: 116,000 (Sydney) 106,000 (Melbourne)

10. Product Manager

Typically Product Managers look after the vision and roadmap of a product and determine which feature should be shipped next. They have a lens on the customer, the team and the business.

How to make a product shine (and ultimately sell) is the main concern of a product manager. They work across teams to drive product development and hone it to its best version.

Average Base Salary:  $114,000 (Sydney) $101,000 (Melbourne)


Written by Akshay Sachdeva

January 9, 2018

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