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How To Get A Job At Hubspot

How To Get A Job At Hubspot


Alex Holderness

November 19, 2016

Career advice

The Company

Hubspot, is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads and close customers.

When they released their 2014 year in review, it was clear they had some pretty impressive growth stats:

Hubspot Blog – 19.5 million visits
153% Growth in monthly sales blog visits
54% Growth in Marketing Blog subscribers

International Growth

In 2013, Hubspot opened their first international office at the home of Dublin, Ireland. Known as the ‘DubSpot’ team, the plan was to drive global expansion. The launch of Spanish and Portuguese language blogs, a new German offering – marketinggrader.com/de and finally a new home – Sydney.
To grow presence across international markets, the company is now investing in local sales, marketing, and professional service capabilities.

When discussing plans for launching into Australia in 2014, Managing Director for Hubspot, Jeetu Mahtani said, “this style of inbound marketing has been growing in popularity in the region, with an increasing number of visitors from Australia and New Zealand amongst the 1.5m monthly visitors to its sites.”

How To Get A Job At A Company Like Hubspot

We have all imagined what it might be like to work at fast growth, digitally led companies where you can take a quick snooze in an EnergyPod, hit the canteen for free meals, and bring your pooch to the office on the front of your company bike.

With Australia’s digital landscape starting to make waves, brands like Hubspot have been attracted to the market, bringing with them some lessons in how to be a 21st-century business.

Whilst the energetic brand offers beers, ping pong tables, and free snacks, its best perks are derived from its culture which accepts that people have changed how they live and work.

The HubSpot ‘Culture Code’, supports flexibility and promotes a happy environment where workers are empowered by purpose, not just a paycheck, and where they work hard for the business and their own development.

HubSpotter Ryan Bonnici – Director of Marketing, Asia Pacific and Japan – says that he is a lot younger than most marketing directors out there and owes much of his success to the fast growth companies he has been a part of.

“They work you really hard, but they challenge you to grow. While we are working harder at HubSpot than in my previous company, you are learning so much more than you would be in a mainstream company.

For anyone that wants to be challenged and wants to be wrong about things…to push yourself to the next level…that could be a scary thing, but for anyone who wants to be challenged and put to the test in terms of what they can bring to the organization, there is no better place than Hubspot.

If you are a marketer, Hubspot is the place that will take you to the next level,” says Ryan.

At HubSpot, they, of course, have an animal policy in the office, as well as unlimited access to Amazon Ebooks, and unlimited vacations.

On this, Ryan says “We trust our employees to make the right decision. We are so laser focused on not adding layers of politics and layers of rules to the organization.”

Getting A Job with the Sydney Team

James Gilbert, responsible for Demand Generation for APAC, has been in his new role at HubSpot for just three days at the time of interview. He says that he was happy in his earlier role with no thoughts about leaving until the opportunity came up at HubSpot.

“One of the reasons I came here was because I thought it would be a really good place to learn.”

“The HubSpot brand is very well known, has a lot more visitors, and so there are a lot more tests that I can do…

Hubspot has always been who I look to for new learnings…I was really excited about the prospect of working with the people I was learning from directly. A lot of the processes at my old company we learned from videos of how Hubspot run their processes,” says James.

The opportunities at HubSpot are growing, but the team are adamant that only those who embody HubSpot’s values and culture ever make it through the doors. The business even openly admits to being “unreasonably picky” about its people.

When asked about the recruitment process at HubSpot, James says “one of the things that surprised me about the process was the level of seriousness.

The interviews went all the way up to the CMO, and it wasn’t just a token 10 minutes, it went all the way up to an hour… I was really impressed that it went to that level, I haven’t heard about that in other organizations.

It was very intimidating knowing I was going to have a call with him (Kipp Bodnar, CMO). I had a google doc with about 30 pages of notes…none of those questions were asked during the interview,” James laughs.

Any Advice For Hopeful Candidates?

To nail a Hubspot job interview, you need to take it pretty seriously. This means being prepared and doing extensive research.

“For me, that involved more than 40 pages of notes, I read two books, close to maybe 50 blog posts, I spoke to 3 or 4 people externally at HubSpot and asked them what they thought of it. I even did extensive LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter stalking to get a feel for what they (the interviewee) might be like, if there are certain topics they might like, pet hates, and buzzwords. Maybe be able to talk about a bit of golf with that person if it comes up.”

Funnily enough, James told us how out of the 40 pages he’d prepped – pretty much none of the topics came up in the interview! The real takeaway, it really helped him feel confident and have enough insight to totally nail his interview.

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