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Saturday July 11 2020

How Digital Healthcare Solutions are Driving Better Patient Outcomes


Written by Rudi Susanto

May 17, 2019

Guest author Rudi Susanto is Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services (HISS) Business Manager at Philips Healthcare in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Healthcare as we know it is undergoing a significant transformation. Faced with challenges like increasing patient demands, an aging population and rising treatment costs, providers and patients alike are seeking best-of-breed, cost-effective solutions that provide 24/7 personalized patient and staff experiences, and, ultimately, better patient outcomes.

The healthcare solutions of tomorrow will move beyond the traditional four walls of the hospital and the doctor’s office to encompass a hybrid network of symbiotic digital and physical components designed to provide specialized care at an individual patient level.

In particular, health informatics – the science behind the use and management of patient information – is one of the key drivers of innovative healthcare solutions. The ability to digitize data and automate processes using informatics technology has huge implications for the patient experience, opening the door to seamless connectivity at every touchpoint.

Imagine having all your healthcare data at your fingertips in a single mobile app, or being able to receive virtual care from a specialist on the other side of the globe. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

Aside from the benefits of convenience and accessibility for patients, digital healthcare systems are having a profound effect on treatment approaches, enabling providers to respond more quickly to virtually every medical case, and provide more accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment.

Informatics technology, virtual care and digitized healthcare data management not only enable critical issues to be detected earlier, but also for diagnosis and treatment to theoretically happen anywhere, any time. The digital-first healthcare model is reimagining care, prevention and early intervention, as well as increasing access to care, especially for patients in isolated communities.

Philips’ approach to digital healthcare solutions

At Philips, our healthcare informatics solutions are explicitly designed to drive meaningful change in clinical settings, enabling more efficient and effective workflows between patients, doctors and technologists.

As Business Manager of Enterprise Digital Informatics, I manage healthcare informatics solutions for Imaging Clinical Applications and Platforms (ICAP) and Cardiology Informatics (CI). A big part of my role involves working directly with healthcare providers to interrogate their current systems and workflows, and identify digital-led solutions that will enable them to provide the personalized and seamless experience patients have come to expect.

I’m incredibly proud to be part of a team that’s contributing to a global healthcare environment in which positive patient outcomes and comprehensive care delivery are the norm. On a personal level, implementing the first Philips Enterprise Cardiology Informatics in Indonesia recently was a huge milestone, and I’m excited to see how the local CI space continues to mature.

Above all, not only are we implementing the right solutions to support diagnosis and treatment from a provider perspective, but we’re also giving people greater access to healthcare on a global scale – empowering patients to make better decisions about their health.

Where does your next challenge lie? Join Philips’ talent community to find out about the latest job opportunities.


Written by Rudi Susanto

May 17, 2019

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