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The Top 32 Fintech Companies in Sydney + Careers & Salaries

The Top 32 Fintech Companies in Sydney + Careers & Salaries


Stephanie O'Brien

November 4, 2018

Career advice

As Australia’s financial capital – with a $60 billion financial services industry – Sydney dominates both Australia’s fintech and startup scenes, with fresh-faced companies making significant waves at home and abroad.

It is estimated that the fintech market has the potential to take away up to 30 percent of revenue from traditional banking in the next few years – an opportunity worth a cool $25 billion. According to Australian FinTech, Sydney is home to over half of Australia’s fintech companies. Although, don’t forget the other hubs of fintech in Australia, with a thriving fintech in Melbourne hub booming.

What’s happening in fintech in Sydney?

Where to begin? We just saw the second edition of The Finnie Awards in June which pays homage to this flourishing market. The Fintech Sydney Meetup is putting together monthly events to discuss how this sector is disrupting the old, rigid and traditional financial services space, discussing things like peer-to-peer lending, robo-advisors, cryptocurrencies and online banks that might one day rival the big boys.

The 5th Annual FinTech Summit is set to take place in October 2018 at Martin Place. It’ll bring together some of the most influential, disruptive and innovative companies in the Sydney fintech space, with speakers including SocietyOne, ZipMoney, and Xinja.

Even the NSW Department of Industry is making efforts to support the sector, which can be seen with the Knowledge Hubs initiative through Stone and Chalk, a non-profit dedicated to helping innovative fintech companies to develop, grow, and create jobs for the future.

How to get a fintech job in Sydney

Getting a foot in the door in financial services can be hard, especially in fast-paced Sydney. But as the fintech industry in Australia expands, with revenue growing 208% between 2016 and 2017, it’s a great time to start a career in fintech in Sydney.

To get hired you have to get networking. Attend meetup groups like Fintech Sydney, which boasts over 4000 members. Also keep an eye on Aussie organisations like FinTech Australia for upcoming conferences and other news on fintech startups in Sydney.

It’s also important to stay up to date with the latest innovations by following trustworthy fintech publications. Australian FinTech, Fintech Weekly, and The Financial Brand are just a few of the hundreds of fintech blogs out there. It’s important to understand the latest trends and gadgets to remain digitally savvy and expand your skill set to be a successful Fintech hire.

Highest paying jobs in financial technology

Jobs in finance vary in salary depending on experience and location. Here are just a few of the highest paying jobs in financial technology according to Payscale:

Investment Analyst in Sydney, NSW

Entry-level salary: $54K to $108K

Experienced salary: $63K to $123K

Finance Manager in Sydney, NSW

Entry-level salary: $58K to $126K

Experienced salary: $82K to $148K

Technical Consultant in Sydney, NSW

Entry-level salary: $49K to $95K

Experienced salary: $82K to $139K

Chief Financial Officer in Sydney, NSW

Entry-level salary: $56K to $202K

Experienced salary: $135K to $298K

Fintech jobs are understandably concentrated around Australia’s capitals, and even more so around Sydney and Melbourne. But with such a wide range of companies, ranging from fintech start-ups to ASX listed companies, there are a lot of diverse fintech job opportunities in Sydney.

32 fintech Sydney companies you need to know

There’s no shortage of fintech companies to choose from in Sydney. We took a look at both established fintech businesses and brand new fintech startups to see who is pushing boundaries, gaining traction and disrupting the comparatively antiquated industry that is finance.

And of the following 32 fintech movers and shakers, almost half are hiring!

Valiant Finance

Valiant Finance

Valiant is a business loan marketplace specialising in the Australian market. Their technology offers business owners and advisors access to bespoke business loan options and advice in just minutes. Through their proprietary tech, Valiant’s platform lets business owners discover products from a diverse range of more than 100 lenders, and find those that best match their situation.

Valiant’s offering covers the whole financial spectrum, from short-term lenders through to the Big Four banks.

Not only was Valiant recently acknowledged by The Martec as a fintech startup you can’t miss, the company had a great year at the Finnies, taking the crown for best workplace diversity as well as a finalist for best customer/user experience.



Marketlend offers working capital solutions to Australian small to medium enterprises. Their lending platform is the first of its kind, providing funding solutions like supply chain finance, debtor finance, and unsecured lines of credit. They also provide security to their lenders through loss protection and insurance.

Marketlend’s rates of returns are on average 3-4 percent higher than banks, and they balance their tech with quality, personalised service, by offering a trust manager responsible for cash collections on all investments.

Launched in 2014 by Leo Tyndall, Marketlend has grown to a sizeable team and raised $47 million to continue their excellent work.



PractiFI is a wealth management platform which brings a wide variety of modern cloud features and integration to the wealth industry. Utilising Salesforce, the PractiFI platform is an ecosystem of best-of-breed technologies which are able to harmoniously integrate to create a more comprehensive solution. This is one platform that is far greater than the sum of its parts in fintech sydney.

Founded by Adrian Johnstone and Glenn Elliott, PractiFI enables customers to operate on the cloud, automate their processes, integrate solutions and engage more purposefully with their customers.

Since their launch in 2013, PractiFI has established its presence in Sydney, Melbourne and Chicago, and has raised $1.3 million from investors.


BRICKX is a regulated retail investor platform on a mission to redefine the Australian property investment space. To date, they are the only platform on the Sydney fintech scene of their kind that offers investors access to both the real estate asset class, and an in-platform secondary market for liquidity.

Founded with the goal to offer everyone easy access to the residential property market in Australia, BRICKX founder Markus Kahlbetzer designed the platform to be transparent, low touch and accessible. Their hard work was recognised this year at the Finnies with BRICKX named one of the finalists for FinTech Organisation of the Year, Excellence in Wealth Management and Best Workplace Diversity.

With Anthony Millet as CEO, BRICKX has raised more than $12.5 million.



MoneyMe is a lending platform for the modern world, with a dedication to innovation and the customer experience. They are on a mission to revolutionise the way young Australians borrow, as the big banks continue to lose trust from this demographic.

MoneyMe’s lending platform grants unsecured personal loans to the technologically savvy millennial market, giving them access to up to $15,000 in personal loans whenever and wherever they want. They are paving the way for fintech startups in Sydney to support young people with their finances.

Co-founded in 2013 and led by Clayton Howes ever since, MoneyMe has so far successfully raised $120 million from investors.


Already installed in retailers across Australia, blueshyft is an iOS-based platform enabling retail businesses to accept cash payments for online products and services.

blueshyft’s platform and retail networks allow customers to load a digital wallet for purchases, credit their account online, and pay for digital orders or reclaim gift cards. The platform also assists retailers with customer acquisition, customer identification, logistics and customer activation.

Founded by Kain Warwick in 2015, blueshyft is utilised in more than 1,400 retailers across the country, and has successfully raised over $5 million.


Persollo facilitates targeted social selling through the use of data and artificial intelligence. Their world-first platform enables brands and influencers to transform social media and digital media engagement into revenue, and all in under 15 seconds.

Persollo is designed for mobile and social media. Their single-page checkout process does away with shopping carts and other conversion-killers, to enable consumers to make a purchase with just one click on a social post!

To date, Persollo has served 700+ businesses in 16 countries, with many customers raising their social media conversions by a whopping 300 percent. As a Sydney fintech company, they work many big brands, including Marie Claire, UGGs, HotelsCombined and New Balance.



Basiq allows financial services businesses to provide their data through standardised APIs. By partnering with banks and financial tech organisations, Basiq finds innovative approaches via insights obtained through customers financial data.

Basiq’s solutions allow organisations to use their real-time banking data to attain deeper customer insights; thus enabling them to deliver better services. Through their simple set of RESTful APIs, secure access to super fund and mortgage information is provided to companies in both Australia and New Zealand.

At the 2018 Finnies, Basiq was named a finalist for Excellence in Data/AI/Digital ID Solutions for Fintech Australia.

uno Home Loans

uno Home Loans is Australia’s first digital mortgage service. They are online home loan experts helping customers to browse, compare and secure a home loan in just one place. Merging clever tech with a beautifully personalised customer experience, they have a team of experts available to offer as much support as their customers require.

Founded by Vincent Turner, uno is making waves in the financial industry with two-thirds of their home loads being won by lenders outside of the major financial institutions. They are a Sydney fintech startup to watch and a major innovator.

To date, they have secured more than $50 million in funding and work with more than 20 lenders. Their home loan application process can be done from mobile or desktop.



Brighte is a digital credit platform designed to finance home energy improvements. Their solution makes it easier to get contractors paid as soon as jobs are completed and help homeowners to avoid paying interest on these upgrades.

Brighte gives customers zero percent interest payment plans which help to eliminate the cost barrier of larger items like solar and batteries, paving the way for renewable businesses and fintech startups in Sydney.

Since their launch into Sydney fintech scene 2015, Brighte has raised $46 million, and the company has grown headcount by 86 percent in the past 12 months alone. Brighte’s founder, Katherine McConnell, recently took out the crown for Outstanding FinTech Leader of the Year at the 2018 Finnies. Keep an eye on their LinkedIn page for updates on job opportunities.



Waddle is a software add-on for the major accounting platforms, giving Australian businesses access to working capital. The company’s proprietary technology offers an on-demand, revolving line of credit to organisations who need it.

Across Australia and New Zealand, Waddle is the only completely automated accounting add-on, as well as being the highest rated financial services partner for Xero. They have taken a 4,000-year-old industry and transformed for modern day fintech business into a fully online, cloud-based experience.

Launched in 2014 by Leigh Dunsford, Simon Creighton and Nathan Andrew, Waddle is the fastest growing cloud-based invoice financing provider in Australia.



Xinja is creating a fully digital and fully independent neobank for Australians. Their vision is an easy-to-use, quick, intuitive, automated and personalised system which allows customers to create a new account in just a few seconds.

Xinja users will have access to instant balance updates on payments, deposits and spending. These insights will give customers the ability to track their financial goals and make easy adjustments.

Founded in 2017, Xinja has already successfully raised $2.4 million to build their solution. In 2017 they were named one of the top 42 fintech Companies in Australia by FinTech Asia, and just recently they made The Martec’s top 50 FinTech Startups list.



HashChing is an online home loans marketplace – the first and largest in Australia. The HashChing solution is AI-powered, capable of instantly connecting borrowers with verified and compliant local mortgage brokers.

Understanding the power of shared experiences, HashChing was designed to incorporate customer reviews and insights, allowing users to make more informed decisions about their home loans.

Since their entrance to Sydney fintech market in August 2015, HashChing has settled more than $1 billion worth of home loans. They have received $3.4 million in equity funding, and have received numerous accolades including from FinTech Asia, and us here at The Martec being one of our recently named top Australian fintech startups.



The Pocketbook app, owned by Zip, is a free personal assistant for your money. The app enables customers to get detailed information about their past and future spending, allowing them to better track purchases, budget and save. The aim? To make personal and household budgeting simple.

Since their launch in 2012, Pocketbook has accrued more than 500,000 users. They recently won the Excellence in Wealth Management Award at the 2018 Finnies and were recently on our radar as one of the top fintech startups in Australia.  



PokitPal is a mobile marketplace that was created to enhance the way in which businesses and consumers interact. It allows customers to save when spending at any one of the thousands of participating restaurants, bars and retail stores in Australia.

A loyalty program is built into the solution which allows businesses to communicate with their customers without needing to implement or support expensive tech. Their solution enables merchants and customers to use already installed EFTPOS equipment and credit/debit cards already in circulation.

To date, PokitPal boasts over 300,000 users in Australia. As of August 2018, PokitPal will have 10 million Mastercard holders able to link to their app for real-time rewards on card purchases.



OnMarket believes in investing with both your head and your heart, and pride themselves on representing companies making positive steps in the world.

OnMarket offers a new way of investing which gives customers access to companies through IPOs and equity crowdfunding, allowing customers to own a piece of the companies which launch exclusively on the platform. Customers can support businesses that they believe in, while also enjoying some nice financial gain.

At this years Finnies OnMarket was runner-up for FinTech Organisation of the Year and took the top spot for Excellence in Crowdfunding.



InDebted is a digital-first, data-driven provider of collection services and technology. They help their customers to improve rates of recovery, reduce risk and reduce costs, delivering quality experiences to their customers all the while.

InDebted have developed their proprietary platform from the ground up. It is designed to collect more data in a shorter time, while guaranteeing all involved are treated with respect and fairness. The solution helps its customers to achieve improved liquidation rates, eliminate compliance breaches, and offer first-class customer service.

InDebted works with the Big Four financial institutions, P2P lenders, state governments, debt purchasers and industry innovators.


Sharesight is an online portfolio tracking and reporting platform for the financial industry; investors, accountants, and financial advisers. Their solution automatically syncs with brokers to track trades, dividends, and corporate actions. Users are able to run performance and tax reports with a simple click.

Run by Doug Morris (CEO), Sharesight’s cloud investment portfolio tracking solution has been adopted by thousands of do-it-yourself investors and finance professionals. Users are able to use Sharesight to run performance and tax reports and can be connected to Xero through their award-winning add-on integration. Their solution also allows users to share access with anyone.

In 2018, Sharesight was nominated for Investment Innovator of the Year by Fintech Business.


Beam is a 21st-century global payments acceptance platform with built-in support for smart contracts. Beam was created to overturn the status quo in the retail value chain; where stakeholders engage with their customers in a direct, meaningful and effective manner.

The blockchain startup space is brimming with great ideas, many of which have the potential to be highly disruptive and innovative. Beam has been building out its Platform since 2011. In that time, it has developed relationships with stakeholders big and small from stores to enterprise retailers, brands, and distributors such as Costa Coffee, Tommy Hilfiger, Unilever, Coca-Cola and more.

Today Beam’s technical network reach exceeds 400,000 stores globally, with over 5,000 live stores across three continents. Not to mention, it has executed over 4.3 million smart contracts with a total throughput in excess of $250 million.

Beam has offices in Gothenburg, Dubai, and Sydney.

Who’s hiring, you ask?

As promised, many of Sydney’s best fintech companies are expanding and seeking new talent. Here’s who you could work for next:

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank was the first organisation to look at automation solutions for the bookkeeping process, which they achieved through award-winning artificial intelligence and automation technologies. In fact, Receipt Bank has the largest AI team in their sector, with everyone committed to leveraging new technology to bring innovative solutions to bookkeepers and accountants.

Receipt Bank’s platform is used by more than five thousand bookkeeping firms and accountancies, and tens of thousands of small businesses. As a platform agnostic solution, they can partner with all of the major players, thus making them accessible to customers regardless of their accounting package.

At present the organisation has more than 300 employees and counting. With strong office growth in Australia, the UK, South Africa, the US and Europe. Check out their Sydney job openings here.


OFX provides online international payment services for individuals and businesses worldwide. Designed to offer a better deal on international money transfers, OFX is today powering money transfer services for many of the largest financial institutions across the globe.

Listed as an industry leader by The Martec on a couple of occasions,, both for their commitment to culture and as one of our ASX companies to watch, OFX is a homegrown superstar doing right by both their customers and their staff.

OFX has offices in Sydney, London, San Francisco, Toronto, Auckland and Hong Kong, and there are opportunities available across many of these locations. Check ‘em out here.



Avoka is a software company specialising in digital customer acquisition in the financial services and government sectors. Their solution has brought agility to traditionally sluggish financial institutions, cutting down the time it takes for new customer acquisition initiatives to come to market from years to months.

Since their launch in 2002, Avoka has digitised more than 100 million transactions spanning over 16,000 sales and service projects. Today they have offices in Sydney, Denver, London and Frankfurt.

With great employee perks, 50 percent annual growth and a new round of funding, it’s no surprise Avoka caught our attention as a tech employer everyone wants to work for. You can browse their available roles here.



ChronoBank is a decentralised framework designed to change the way people both find and are remunerated for their work. This is achieved through their flagship product LaborX, a platform which acts as a decentralised labour exchange, and that doesn’t require association with traditional financial institutions.

Built on Ethereum, the LaborX P2P labour exchange platform enables users to trade labour for payment in the form of tokens. The beauty of their decentralised system is its reliability and inability to be shut down. The platform runs 24/7, keeping users connected to opportunities round the clock.

ChronoBank was founded in 2016 by Sergei Sergienko and has so far raised $9.4 million. They are also hiring, and you can check out their open roles here.  


Stockspot was the first digital investment advisor to hit the fintech scene. Designed with a goal of helping Aussies to gain better access to proficient investment advice and portfolio management, Stockspot removes common barriers to entry like high fees, unnecessarily confusing language, wasteful paperwork and poor transparency.

Launched by Chris Brycki in 2013, Stockspot’s solution is now the largest and fastest growing robo-advice service in Oz.

They were recently named finalists for FinTech Organisation of the Year, Excellence in Wealth Management, and Best Marketing/Branding Initiative of the Year at the 2018 Finnies, and have already raised more than $4 million. And if you’re interested in joining this successful team, good news – they’re hiring. Check out their open roles here.



Tyro Payments specialise in merchant credit, debit and EFTPOS acquisition. After more than 15 years with no new solutions in the EFTPOS market, Tyro became the first and only independent acquirer, offering an EFTPOS facility processing credit, debit, gift, loyalty and Medicare cards. They have used cutting-edge tech to build an efficient and scalable transaction processing system for merchants.

Founded in 2003 by Andrew Rothwell, Paul Wood, and Peter Haig, Tyro has to date raised $103.9 million and appear to be experiencing significant growth with more than 20 jobs open in their Sydney HQ.



SocietyOne is a P2P lending platform that connects approved borrowers with sharp investors. Removing the need for intermediation of a bank or financial institution, SocietyOne allows peers to borrow from and invest in each other. Qualified borrowers are able to apply for up to $30,000 in unsecured personal loans which are calculated at customised rates depending on the individual’s credit history.

At the 2018 Finnies, SocietyOne was a finalist for the FinTech Organisation of the Year and Excellence in Consumer Lending, and took out the top spot for Best Marketing/Branding Initiative of the Year.

SocietyOne currently have a handful of positions open, which you can browse here.



Spaceship was created with the vision to help young Australians build a robust and secure financial future. Aiming to break into Australia’s $2.5 trillion superannuation industry, Spaceship launched Spaceship Super, which captured over $200m in assets under management within just 18 months.

Since its foundation in 2016, Spaceship has secured Australian Financial Services Licence, and in April 2018 launched Voyager, a platform designed to make investing in a diversified portfolio simple and affordable.

Spaceship is currently recruiting for a number of roles in its Sydney HQ. Take a look here.



Prospa is an online lender helping small businesses get access to finances needed to help them grow. They offer a simple online application process through their smart proprietary technology platform, enabling fast access to essential funds.

Since their launch in 2011 Prospa has lent more than $500 million to thousands of small businesses across Australia. They have raised more than $96 million to facilitate their growth, are an employer everyone wants to work for, and were a finalist for the FinTech Organisation of the Year and Excellence in Business Lending awards at the 2018 Finnies.

Prospa is growing at a rapid pace and have more than a dozen openings in their Sydney office, which you can browse here.  

Cover Genius

Cover Genius

Cover Genius is an insurance services company and the parent company of RentalCover.com and BrightWrite. Their tech-based, fintech business solution writes and prices tailored policies for local markets, and then adapts them for countries and underwriters across the globe. The company sells regulated products in over 80 countries and 50 States in the US. They also service customers and claims 24/7 in 40 languages –  claims are paid instantly in 80 currencies and through a variety of means.

With their patented technology, Cover Genius is able to deliver high liability policies which automatically renew, enable customers to pay claims in any currency, and can be tailored to each individual.

Cover Genius is one of the world’s fastest-growing InsurTech startups. They have offices in New York, London and Sydney, and they’re hiring in every location. You can check out their open opportunities here.

Zip Co

Zip Co

Zip create payment and credit solutions for Australians that are simple, fair and transparent. Their solutions include Zip Pay, Zip Money and Pocketbook.

Zip Pay is an interest-free payment solution for everyday spending which is particularly good for large purchases. Pocketbook app (mentioned above) helps users to track, budget and save. Zip gives its customers the best experience at checkout, making the solution a tempting prospect for retailers too.

Since their launch in 2013, Zip has accumulated more than 700,000 customers and is available online and in-store at over 10,000 retailers. Their team, like their customer base, is rapidly expanding. Check out their open jobs here.


Macrovue is a next-gen online brokerage. Their fintech business solution simplifies the buying and selling of international shares, with portfolios of stocks grouped together based on market insights, investment themes and innovation trends.

From their database of 20,000 international stocks, Macrovue allows users to buy ready-to-invest portfolios or invest in single stocks. Their global portfolios (which the company calls ‘Vues’) include ten stocks carefully selected by their investment team. With just a click of a button, users can invest in portfolios including those focused on AI, IoT, Car of the Future or Luxury Goods.

Macrovue is currently hiring, and you can check out their open roles here.


INAMO is a wearables company developing products such as waterproof accessories, wristbands and keyrings that conveniently act as a contactless prepaid bank card. With the goal of freeing people from their wallets, INAMO’s products aim to make life easier.

Launched in 2016, INAMO hopes to bring wearables into the mainstream and see them used for everything, like tapping into public transport, buildings, festivals and the gym.

In 2017 they secured a seed funding round of $1.5 million, and haven’t stopped growing since. If you’re a full stack engineer you may want to check out their opportunity here.

There are loads of open opportunities across top tech companies in Australia. Whether you’re already in the fintech industry, looking to get involved in it, or after something totally different in Aussie tech, a job for every tech professional right here.

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