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Android Developer in Australia: Overview, Salary Data and Career Path

Android Developer in Australia: Overview, Salary Data and Career Path


Julia Sinclair-Jones

September 6, 2018

Career advice

Could you make it as an Android developer in Australia? Well, with the right knowledge, some practical experience, and a dip into what the future might hold, it could be all right in front of you. The future has never been brighter for software developers, whether it’s iOS, web, systems dev, or Android.

We have put together this comprehensive guide to Android development in Australia. In it you’ll find out what an Android developer does, what tools they use, the type of jobs available right now in Australia, salary expectations, plus a wealth of resources to start boning up on Android.

There’s no better time than right now to get started!

Android developer in Australia: role, responsibilities & tools

As an Android developer you’ll be working on apps for Android smartphones and tablets, plus other devices like watches and smart TVs. The type, functionality and complexity of the apps you’ll be working on will depend on your employer. You may be working on internal company apps, such as a company-wide social network, or on commercial apps available on the Play store, such as a game.

Most Android developers will be working entirely on the front-end. Back-end development will be handled by other developers – unless you are in a small team focused on full-stack development, where you’re required to do both. Front-end development focuses a lot on UI and UX, and you’ll be required to bring designers’ ideas and users’ stories to life.

Android developers are niche software developers, which means that you’ll still need to know all the current principles and practices involved in the field of software engineering. This includes things like Agile, design patterns (Android-specific), the software delivery pipeline, threaded programming, version control, etc. You’ll need to work with project managers, testers, DevOps, and sometimes clients too.

Currently the primary language of choice for Android developers is Java. If you want to become an Android developer, learn Java. Kotlin is now an official language for Android, but is not yet widely used. The UI is handled in XML. Developers work in Android Studio, the official Android IDE.

There are many other tools developers will use in their day-to-day lives, such as Grade for build automation, and third party libraries such as Dagger2 and Arrow.

Android developer careers in Australia

There are plenty of jobs available for Android developers around the country, both with niche companies and teams who outsource to big name brands. App development will continue to be an in-demand service for the foreseeable future, and Android devices make up a sizeable slice of the market.

It will remain essential that developers are available within Australia to work with Australian companies, so rest assured that the future is bright.

Android developers can diversify by getting into iOS or hybrid development, or even branching off into other software pursuits such as back-end development, web development, or systems development.

There is always the option to relocate overseas as a skilled individual (this generally requires a specific degree) or to work remotely.

Senior developers may consider taking management roles, moving into consultancy, architect positions, or other development-adjacent roles.

Android developer salaries in Australia

Unlike some other technical professions, salaries for Android developers are fairly uniform across the country. While there are more opportunities in both Sydney and Melbourne, this doesn’t necessarily mean you can expect a higher take-home package there.

Each Android developer salary in Australia below is taken from Payscale.

Android developer salary in Sydney, NSW

Starting salary – AU$41k – AU$72k

5yrs experience – AU$61k – AU$110k

Android developer salary in Melbourne, VIC

Starting salary – AU$40k – AU$72k

5yrs experience – AU$57k – AU$102k

Android developer salary in Adelaide, SA

Starting salary – AU$38k – AU$67k

5yrs experience – AU$53k – AU$94k

Android developer salary in Canberra, ACT

Starting salary – AU$40k – AU$76k

5yrs experience – AU$58k – AU$111k

Android developer salary in Brisbane, QLD

Starting salary – AU$39k – AU$69k

5yrs experience – AU$56k – AU$100k

Android developer salary in Perth, WA

Starting salary – AU$41k – AU$77k

5yrs experience – AU$57k – AU$108k

Android developer salary in Hobart, TAS

Starting salary – AU$40k – AU$71k

5yrs experience – AU$54k – AU$98k

Android developer salary in Darwin, NT

Starting salary – AU$43k – AU$77k

5yrs experience – AU$59k – AU$107k

Dreaming of making the move to Silicon Valley someday? You’ll find Android developers with five years of experience earning between $80k – $155k in Mountain View, California.

6 companies hiring Android developers

1. Fairfax Media

Want to work with Australia’s largest media organisation? Fairfax Media is present throughout print, TV, radio, online, and events, and they are looking to refresh and scale their Android app portfolio. The advertised position is for a Senior Android Developer in Sydney, and the responsibilities of the role include developing and delivering apps across their suite, including The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

2. Srijan Technologies

It can be difficult to land your first job in Android development, which is why we’ve included this position at Srijan Technologies on our list. With headquarters in New Delhi, the company is dedicated to helping clients modernise through digital-first solutions – including mobile apps. The advertised role is for a Melbourne-based iOS/Android Developer who is also familiar with Oracle, and they are accepting submissions from entry-level applicants.

3. Infosys

Another global leader in tech services and consulting, Infosys provides clients with products and services that help their digital transformation. This Sydney role is for an Android Developer that will help build Android apps for a diverse range of clients across different functionalities. Within a large company such as Infosys, there’s plenty of room to grow.

4. Workyard

Workyard are an Aussie startup seeking to provide a new online marketplace for the construction industry, where sub-contractors are easily found, hired, and paid. With $2.8M in seed capital in 2017, they’re now ready to actualise their Android solution. Workyard are looking for an experienced Android Engineer to help build their app and lead in technical implementation. This type of role would suit a senior developer or someone with experience in team leadership and direction.

5. Swift Networks

For West Australian job seekers, or those looking for a sea change, an opportunity awaits for an Android Developer with Swift Networks. Swift Networks are an ASX-listed telecommunication and content provider, and the new hire will be working on guest experience solutions for accommodation providers through the APAC region.


Rokt are in the martec game themselves, offering up digital solutions that acquire customers and optimise and monetise current endeavours. They’re currently looking to expand their mobile offering to provide embedded solutions for their customers’ apps, which is where you would fit in. Rokt currently has an opening for an Android Developer working with the Sydney team to help build an advanced mobile SDK.

How to level up? 5 courses and 5 sites you can follow


1. Bachelor of Science (Computing & Software Systems) – University of Melbourne (in person)

If you’d like to make a career out of Android Development, then getting a Bachelor’s degree in a computing field isn’t a bad place to start. With the 3-year Bachelor of Science (Computing & Software Systems) at the University of Melbourne you can then go on to further study a Software Engineering Masters. In the course you’ll get a solid background in the field and become proficient in Java.

2. Android Developer Nanodegree – Udacity (online)

Udacity’s nanodegrees are renowned for being a fast way to get in-depth and practical knowledge in technical areas. The Android Developer Nanodegree, built in partnership with Google, is no exception. This is an eight month course that will teach you how to become a specialist Android developer and produce your very own app on the Play store. You’ll need working knowledge of Java to get started here, which leads us to…

3. Object-Oriented Programming with Java, Part I MOOC – University of Helsinki (online)

While this introduction to OO programming with Java is fairly long in the tooth now, it’s openly cited as one of the very best free courses available online to get you started with Java. Object-Oriented Programming with Java, Part I gives you the very basics to get started with computer programming – the principles of both OO and Java. The course lasts around six weeks.

4. Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers – Udacity (online)

For those seeking a career in Android development but who already have some programming knowledge in another language, it may be worth learning Android-supported Kotlin. So long as you have experience in OO programming, you’ll be able to get up and running with this short two week course, Kotlin Bootcamp for Beginners, to see if you’re interested in this relatively new programming language.

5. The Complete Android N Developer Course – Udemy (online)

Udemy courses are a mixed bunch, however The Complete Android N Developer Course is a really good introduction to Android programming, as demonstrated by over 14,000 participants and a 4.4/5 star rating. The course is inexpensive and touches on subjects like media,mMaps, permanent storage, and developing an Instagram clone.


1. Android Weekly

This weekly newsletter covering all things Android is available online or arrives neatly in your email inbox every week. The latest issue covers topics like creating animations with MotionLayout for Android, updating your games for modern Android, and videos like ‘Setup Your Android Development Environment on Windows’. The Android Weekly also has previous issues archived to peruse at your leisure.

2. Codementor Android Community

Codementor’s Android Community page is a place where developers come together to pose curly questions, post interesting tutorials (like Whatsapp-Like Phone Number Authentication with Firebase), and write about industry-specific practices, pitfalls, and successes. There’s also other branches of the community that scope out topics like React and iOS.

3. Fragmented Podcast

Not exactly a website, but an interesting resource nonetheless, and a great listen before bed or on your daily commute, the Fragmented Podcast delves into all things Android. Topic selections include dealing with money in programming and sunsetting ReactNative at Airbnb. Each podcast may come with slides and extra show notes so you can actually go away and do further research after the show should your heart desire.

4. Android Developers Blog

Get all the latest in Android development straight from the guys in charge. The Android Developers Blog is the official blog put out by Google which touches on the latest advancements in the platform for developers, gives sneak peeks at upcoming changes, and shows off Android-related products.

5. Pro Android Dev

We like this collection of articles for its perfect mix of technical and non-technical Android topics with plenty in the bank to catch up on. In Pro Android Dev they offer articles such as How Does Retrofit Work?, Animations in Flutter, Improve Your Experience on Android Studio, and Java Reflection. Check it out.

Android developer in a nutshell

Does developing apps for phones and tablets sound like your idea of a good time? Have an interest in programming and design? Then it might be worth following your instincts and starting down the path of Android development as a career.

With plenty of job opportunities here and overseas, healthy salaries and good working conditions, it’s a career that’s both stable and on the way up.

At The Martec we often have job openings geared towards the Android developer in Australia, so head on over to our job search and have a browse of our current listings.

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