10 Things You Need to Know About a Career at Optus

10 Things You Need to Know About a Career at Optus

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Optus has created an amazing, inclusive environment for its employees to celebrate, collaborate and create together. Optus is investing in people, networks and sustainability to create a more diverse workforce, as well as create better opportunities for connection throughout Australian and the globe. Want to find out more?

Here’s a list of things you need to know about a career at Optus:

1. Discounts and mates rates

Optus knows that getting a little extra off on that new t-shirt or gym membership means a lot. So, Optus jobs come with a range of discounts and mates rates nationwide. With over 350 participating partners, Optus employees can enjoy discounts on products and services including retail, fitness and even movie tickets. With these amazing deals, Optus reckons you could save up to $1500 a year!

2. Graduate programs & cadetships

Optus careers have a lot of opportunities for graduates, including a streamlined Optus graduate program and engineering cadetship. The Graduate Program is an accelerated two-year program to gain a deeper understanding of Optus and the technology industry, where graduates rotate between jobs and locations. The Engineering Cadetship is for Macquarie University engineering students in their first year who have a passion for innovation and are looking for a combination of study and paid work.

3. Gender diversity

Optus is committed to greater female representation across all levels of the company and offers specific programs to empower women in leadership and technical roles. Optus’ emphasis on a culture of equality means that women in Optus careers can enjoy flexibility around working hours, paid parental leave and educational resources for new and experienced parents. The company also offers feeding rooms for new mothers, healthcare, wellbeing resources and child care options.

4. Celebrate on campus

Optus work campuses are designed first and foremost for their employees and are aimed at creating a space for inclusion, collaboration and, most of all, fun. There is a dedicated Employee Experience team that organises events throughout the year including cultural festivals, market days and live music. One of the year’s celebration highlights includes the yearly Yestival, where Optus celebrates its employees, friends and families with a range of activities, rides and interactive displays..

5. Wellbeing

As well as amazing events, Optus offers support in-house for range of health needs. There are on campus gyms, multiple sport courts and professional health services for employees. And, if you’re a cyclist, there are plenty of facilities including bike parking, showers, lockers and on-site bike services. The Sydney campus even has early-morning ride around Lane Cove National park for early bird cyclists.

6.Celebrating individuality

Optus’ LGBTI+ events and social activities with the Express Yourself group means employees can confidently express themselves at work. Optus jobs are available to people with a range of cultural heritages and multilingual backgrounds, with the company championing inclusion and diversity in store and at work. There are also programs for accessibility in the workplace, including specialised software and education programs.

7. Recognising Australia’s First People

Optus is committed to achieving the best outcomes for Indigenous Australians in its workforce and broader community. The company focuses on improving education and employment opportunities for disadvantaged indigenous youth. Optus’ diversity and inclusion strategy means vulnerable minority groups are included in the recruitment progress, are catered for as customers and supported across the broader community.

8. Work-life balance

Optus supports people at different stages in their lives and careers by offering work flexibility for a healthy balance between work and life. Learning at work, at home, or on-the-go is achieved through digital platforms, encouraging collaboration from anywhere. Optus also allows for employees to take time off to volunteer and give back the community.

9. Growth opportunities

Optus jobs have opportunities for growth across the company, within Australia and overseas. Growth pathways means employees can learn and challenge themselves in new ways and grow within the company. Emphasis on collaboration facilitates an open culture of ideas and innovation for the future.

10. Reduce, reuse, recycle

Optus actively seeks new ways to improve the management and production of waste within the workplace and business. By using the basic principles of reduce, reuse and recycle, Optus encourages its customers to recycle their e-waste with MobileMuster, and all office waste is organised to maximise recycling opportunities..

Think Optus could be the workplace for you? Head over to the Optus Careers website to find your next job!

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