50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies in Australia Right Now

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If you’re anything like us, you love to have a play around with data. We’ve been exploring Mattermark recently to gain a little more understanding on some of the big movers in tech on the rise here in Australia.

We’ve been looking at a couple of core things, funding and growth. We’ll get to funding next week but today we’re looking at growth as a whole.

We searched under the following industries: Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, Internet of Things and Social Networking.

Growth score is made up by a few different factors to give it a secret sauce, but largely key business metrics such as revenue, users, employee growth etc.

From the numbers, growth favours the smaller companies, with 66 per cent falling into the 50 employees and less category.

0-20 employees  -17
20-50 employees – 16
50-100 employees – 4
100 – 500 employees – 10
500+ employees- 3

If you’re interested in taking a look at the full data for the top 50, take a look a look here, you’ll see companies, growth score, employees, location and founded year.

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