Accenture Careers: 10 Things You Need To Know

Accenture Careers: 10 Things You Need To Know

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If you heard of a workplace that is inclusive, encouraging and has a range benefits, wouldn’t you want in? Well, Accenture careers offer all this, and more! The company has been recognised on the Fortune 100 List of Best Companies to Work For for 10 years, and have been recognised by organisations like Working Mothers on their 100 Best Companies list, and Diversity Inc’s Top 50 Companies.

Below, we list 10 things you need to know about Accenture Careers, and what a career there has to offer you.

1. Accenture graduate program

The Accenture grad program provides a great opportunity for students from all academic backgrounds to get their foot-in-the-door. Accenture’s graduate program supports future tech leaders through ‘learning by doing’ work that matters. You can even secure a graduate position before you graduate! If you want to be one of the Accenture graduates, make sure you follow Accenture’s Facebook page and blog for all the tips and tricks you need for your application, and stay in-the-know about Accenture careers.

2. Inclusion and diversity

Inclusion and diversity are core values at Accenture, which fosters a collaborative, innovative and inclusive environment. The company looks after its employees by providing support and training, and celebrate their diversity through International Day of Persons with Disability, and sponsor Queer Screens Mardi Gras Film Festival. Accenture take particular pride in the diverse breadth of female professionals they employ, who are smashing boundaries in their Accenture careers.

3. Work flexibility

Accenture careers offers flexible working arrangements that complement how their employees work. This can be anything from job-sharing, to part-time work, working from home, and even by having a “flex-time schedule”, varying the start and finish times to complete standard work hours in less than 5 days. There’s even a fly-back program where you can fly home for the weekend if away on business. By equipping employees with the right tools, Accenture fosters an environment where employees can comfortably navigate the challenges of modern working life.

4. Chart your own course

Accenture’s successful business structure is made up of six disciplines, which allow employees to specialise within their skillset. These include Accenture Strategy, Accenture Consulting, Accenture Digital, Accenture Technology, Accenture Operations and Accenture Security. These disciplines enable employees to explore different avenues and find the right pathway, with a range of opportunities available.

5. Integrate your studies

Why wait until after you have finish your degree to get industry experience? Accenture offers Tech Bootcamps to help you take your knowledge to the next level and get hands-on experience. In an immersive four days, students can enhance their skills in coding, app development, big data analytics, AI and machine learning by working through real-world problems. Accenture’s Diploma Careers program also puts TAFE students at the heart of innovative tech solutions and career opportunities.

6. Professional mentoring

As one of Australia’s top companies, Accenture knows all about looking after their employees through professional mentoring. Learning on the job is a key part of Accenture careers, and is assisted by team members, colleagues and a mentor. An Accenture mentor is an experienced employee who is assigned to provide coaching and guidance – giving junior employees the opportunity to learn from the best in the business. The mentoring starts from day one and never stops, helping employees shape their careers and achieve their goals.

7. Helping those in need

Accenture is a global company, that through its core values, is determined to serve clients, develop people and giving back to the community. Accenture’s corporate citizenship program, ‘Skills to Succeed’ encompasses a dedicated environmental strategy, addresses skill shortages and involves donations to charitable causes. The company also recognises people who go above and beyond to improve how the world works with Corporate Citizenship Volunteer Awards.

8. Personalised development

Through an accessible US$841 million training program, Accenture Connected Learning, employees receive hours of digital learning to unleash fresh ideas, drive innovation and develop specific skills. With over 24,000 online courses, 50 connected classrooms and more than 100 professional communities, each employee has the ability to learn and develop skills to enrich their professional capabilities and develop crucial skills for their careers.

9. Work-life balance

Busy lives call for reprieve, and Accenture recognises this. As apart of its rewards and benefits, Accenture offers a range of options for people to take a break when they need to, like personal, study, graduation leave, as well as long or short term career breaks, so you can check off another experience on your bucket list. The company also rewards employees with a ‘Total Rewards Package”, which includes compensation and market relevant benefits, and ‘Celebrating Performance Program’, where employees are given points which they can use to purchase goods on the Celebrating Performance website.

10. Prioritising health

Accenture recognises that a healthy body and mind are essential for people to be at their best. For employees to remain at the top of their game, professionally and personally, Accenture covers Life Insurance, health checks, business related travel insurance, and even flu vaccines. The company also offers support at work for those with ongoing health conditions.

Accenture careers Australia offer a range of benefits for employees and have heaps of opportunities to apply for from a range disciplines right now. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself!

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