10 Must-Read Blog Posts about Women in Tech

10 Must-Read Blog Posts about Women in Tech

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Today, your Facebook feed may have already told you, is International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate that 49.6% of the world’s population who so often go uncelebrated.

Let’s face it, there are still quite a few barriers to overcome before women could be said to be on truly equal footing with men, even in the most of developed nations. In fact, one of the quickest developing sectors of most developed nations is exactly where many of the equal opportunity issues lie – the tech sector.

The idea of women not being techy is an old one and a thoroughly disproven one, but the perception still lingers. Thankfully there’s more conversation every year about the role of women in the tech industry. To give you a little slice of the current climate, and to learn how we might look to progress, here are 10 of our favourite recent articles about women in tech.

1)     Solving SexismCode Like a Girl

Kimberley K. from Code Like a Girl looks at three tech giants who have made huge strides in gender equality, and how they went about it.

2)     Reflecting on One Very, Very Strange Year at UberSusan J. Fowler

A blog post that caused quite a stir in the tech community, Susan J. Fowler chronicles her struggles as a female engineer at Uber. Prepare to be taken aback.

3)     Most powerful female engineers of 2017Business Insider

While Fowler’s experience as a tech engineer was particularly harrowing, Julie Bort shows that women can not only enjoy healthy careers as engineers, they can dominate the profession.

4)     Because I’m a GirlMedium

Writing from personal experience, Katie Burke dissects the contradiction of the statement ‘because you’re a girl’; used at once dismissively (‘you only got the job because you’re a girl’) and prohibitively (‘you can’t manage this team because you’re a girl’).

5)     21 Female Founders and CEOs to WatchWomen 2.0

Angie Change compiles a list of 21 female tech industry leaders for anyone who needs confirmation that women can make it in the game.

6)     Are You a Woman? Take This Quiz to Find out If You Would Fit in at Our Tech Company!This Glorious Mess

In a brilliantly cutting piece, Kathleen Toohill analyses the tech industry’s expectations of females via a handy-dandy survey.

7)     5 Reasons to Hire Women over 40 at Your Tech StartupMedium

Just as Hollywood tends to forget about the middle-aged woman, so too does the tech industry. Here, Lesley Grossblatt offers some real (and often surprising) perks to hiring women over 40.

8)     What “Good Men” Can Do to Create a Better Working Environment for Women in TechHackernoon

Bridging the tech gender gap isn’t solely a female responsibility. In fact, the men of the industry are in a far better position to do something about it. Ben Foster looks at what those with two X chromosomes can do to help.

9)     Reminder: The First Computer Programmer Was a WomanHuffington Post

Have you ever heard of Ada King? Damon Beres explains that women don’t just belong in the tech industry, one of them may well have kicked the whole thing off.

10)   81-Year-Old Woman Makes iPhone App after Only Starting to Use Computers at 60Mashable

And finally, just to warm the cockles of your heart this International Women’s Day, here is the tale of 81-year-old Masako Wakamiya, who has just made the leap into the app game. Impressive yet adorable.

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