Campfire Insights: How Employer Brand Can Support Your Recruiters

Campfire Insights: How Employer Brand Can Support Your Recruiters

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Recently, our team had the pleasure of hosting campfire events, bringing together talent and Employer Branding industry leaders from around the globe. The focus?

Exploring how employer branding can empower recruiters to attract top-tier talent. As the embers crackled and the discussions unfolded, a wealth of insights and takeaways emerged that are too valuable not to share.

Assessing Current Employer Branding Effectiveness

One resounding theme from our conversations was the constant drive for improvement. 

While many organizations have established employer brand foundations, there's always room for improvement and many of the leaders believe they could be doing this a lot better. 

Recognizing and addressing this need for refinement is the first step towards unlocking the full potential of employer branding.

Slide created from this month's campfire surveys.

Empowering Recruiters as Talent Marketers

In particular, empowering recruiters emerged as a top priority. 

To transform recruiters into formidable talent marketers, strategies such as establishing asset libraries, conducting training sessions, fostering employee advocacy, and implementing incentives were highlighted as essential tools. 

Engaging recruiters in these ways not only gets them involved but also fosters excitement and commitment to the employer branding cause.

Mind-map created from key words from recent campfire surveys.

Ensuring EVP Message Alignment

Effective communication lies at the heart of conveying the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to potential candidates. 

Establishing clear EVP messaging, providing resources like cheat sheets and templates, and offering ongoing education are crucial to ensure recruiters convey messages that resonate with candidates and reflect the organisation's EVP in the best way.

Demonstrating Value to Senior Talent Leaders

Securing buy-in from senior Talent Acquisition (TA) leaders requires a multi-faceted strategic approach. 

Educating them on the long-term benefits, showcasing tangible results, and aligning employer brand initiatives with broader talent and organizational goals are crucial steps for success.

Top quotes from recent EMEA campfire session.

6 Key Takeaways and Hot Takes

The discussions uncovered several key takeaways and hot takes:

  1. Incentivizing programs can be a double edged sword. You just need to find the sweet spot of what would work well for your people and its positioning.
  2. Advocacy programs and self-guided training workshops make things easy for recruiters to get involved and champion the employer brand.
  3. Understanding how employer brand influences metrics is critical. It's also just as important to identify and address any underlying issues in other processes to optimize outcomes.
  4. Utilizing surveys can demonstrate the value of employer branding for your teams, both for your recruiters and during the candidate experience.
  5. Providing recruiters with the necessary tools and content is only the first step, measuring success and demonstrating EB's impact is equally important.
  6. The best way to bring recruiters along the journey is to speak in their language.  Highlighting how talent marketing contributes to their KPIs such as open rates, application numbers, candidate conversion, and time-to-hire etc.

Lastly, whatever the recruiters KPIs are, you can help to influence those and get buy-in by telling the story that best makes sense to them and makes them look good, so they too can advocate for employer branding!

In conclusion, as we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition, it's clear that employer branding remains a powerful tool for organizations seeking to attract and retain top talent. 

By sharing the insights and strategies discussed during our campfire event, organizations can continue to unlock the full strength of their employer brand and take their hiring efforts to incredible new levels.

If you'd like to attend a future campfire session, register your interest here.

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