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2.12.2021 7:17

Support entering a new talent market

The Problem

Telstra Corporation Limited was embarking on their strategic business transformation from a household brand telco supplier to a techno market leader. However, to be able to successfully deliver on this transformation, Telstra’s Talent Acquisition team had aggressive hiring targets, in a market with little, to no awareness of Telstra as an employer in the tech space. 

The employer branding and sourcing team came to The Martec to help them engage, attract, and hire this business-critical talent through a relevant content marketing strategy with which to drive them through their recruitment funnel. 

The Solution

Telstra leveraged The Martec’s AI-powered Content Intelligence to understand this workforce in a meaningful way - what they care about, talk about, and want to work on. This enabled Telstra to design a content marketing strategy that empowered their people to create and distribute rich, in-depth, and insightful content.

Our People Intelligence helped provide a scalable solution for finding, engaging, and collaborating and engaging with Telstra’s global network of employees to create this content for use on various internal and external channels throughout the candidate journey.

The Results

They had around 470 applicants from this both hard-to-hire and previously unaware talent segment.

Telstra were able to launch a successful global employee advocacy program across multiple target markets and talent segment and unlock a network as a channel for amplifying content.

They were able to amplify their LinkedIn sponsored content strategy to 3x higher than the industry benchmark - a 1.58% engagement rate on sponsored content.

Employee Hub

The Employee Hub allowed the team to map out Generation Health’s employee profiles and to identify and qualify thought leaders within the company.

Audience Research

Audience Research provided tailored insights into the topics and headlines trending with Generation Health’s key audience segments.

Story Builder

The Story Builder matched trending topics with the brand advocates’ expertise, passions and interests, in line with the business’ objectives.

Questioning Engine

The Questioning Engine extracted rich, in-depth responses from the company’s thought leaders.


The Library enabled the team to grow their employer brand and establish credibility through unique and authentic insights and stories.

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