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11.9.2020 11:24

Building credibility in key markets

The problem

Generation Health brings together a suite of Australian health brands to deliver personal injury and occupational health services through a nationwide team of consultants who are committed to improving lives across the country.

As a fairly new organisation at the time, establishing credibility in the marketplace was a key focus for the business, however ensuring that the content that’s created and distributed has a consistent brand look and feel was really challenging as a lean business. They asked The Martec to help achieve cut-through with target audiences and showcase the company’s internal expertise. 

CEO Georgie Blundell explains:

“For me, it was about setting the tone in the marketplace around the fact that we’re a professional services business and getting content from one of my most valuable assets, which is my people”.

The Solution

The Martec Platform enabled Generation Health to build out a robust program of thought leadership and subject matter expertise for distribution in their key markets.

The People Intelligence helped quickly qualify thought leaders within the business and easily engage them in the program.

Because their audience is so niche, they were able to fully leverage our Content Intelligence to have real-time insight into the topics and headlines that were trending with their key audience segments. This made it far simpler to build out a content plan matched to their people’s expertise and interest, creating content in line with business objectives.

Our Content Experience hubs gave Generation Health a central repository of content created to help them establish credibility and build their employer brand in their key markets.

The Results

Building an Invaluable Partnership.

Since kicking off using The Martec Platform, their talent pipeline has grown with leads influenced by authentic content that brings to life insights and stories from the company’s thought leaders.

Generation Health has achieved a 6x increase in LinkedIn engagement and increased their monthly LinkedIn impressions by 180% in their desired markets. 

“People feel really proud to be one of our brand advocates internally,” Georgie says. “And we’ve seen an increase in the number of followers we have in a short space of time, as well as an increased number of people actually coming to us in the marketplace.”


CEO Georgie Blundell:

“The Martec team have been fantastic. They fit into our business very seamlessly. They are part of our team. And I think that's the biggest sort of advocacy I can give to using their services, because it feels like it's an extension of our business.”

Employee Hub

The Employee Hub allowed the team to map out Generation Health’s employee profiles and to identify and qualify thought leaders within the company.

Audience Research

Audience Research provided tailored insights into the topics and headlines trending with Generation Health’s key audience segments.

Story Builder

The Story Builder matched trending topics with the brand advocates’ expertise, passions and interests, in line with the business’ objectives.

Questioning Engine

The Questioning Engine extracted rich, in-depth responses from the company’s thought leaders.


The Library enabled the team to grow their employer brand and establish credibility through unique and authentic insights and stories.

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