4.27.2022 19:41

Scalable mechanism to build brand across 400 locations

The Problem 

Founded in 1976, CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world, across 21 industries in 400 locations worldwide. When it came to hiring critical talent,  CGI talent teams hit a hurdle, CGI was a relatively unknown brand in the UK, impacting application rates.

They knew they needed to build brand awareness at scale, however it was hard to engage their cross-functional stakeholders as like many organisations, they were time-poor and under-resourced!

Collaborating to build employee advocacy was also hard to execute across the business as their leaders and employees weren’t enabled to be advocates, making creating and distributing the right content was slow and painful, scattered across siloed channels.  

The Solution

 With this in mind, CGI decided to implement the The Martec content marketing platform to help them engage the business to build brand awareness across multiple regions and disciplines.

Our People Intelligence helped them provide a scalable solution for finding, engaging, and collaborating with their business leaders and teams, who could then leverage The Martec’s AI-powered Content Intelligence to help them identify what topics to talk about. 

They could uncover relevant topics and create stories for people in no time that actually drove results, which made everyone happy.

The Results 

The  Martec’s Content Collaboration has enabled their people to be authentic advocates for CGI UK. They have established a view of their culture and who they are to the outside world, by giving an authentic voice to their people, which helped to drive brand awareness for a relatively unknown brand in the UK

Our Content Experience Hubs supports the talent attraction team in their recruitment efforts, by providing relevant resources to share with potential candidates across the talent journey. They can also now use one piece of content multiple times, across different functions and geographies quickly and easily.

The best thing - they don’t need the resources they thought they did for content marketing – the platform does it all for them!

Employee Hub

The Employee Hub allowed the team to map out Generation Health’s employee profiles and to identify and qualify thought leaders within the company.

Audience Research

Audience Research provided tailored insights into the topics and headlines trending with Generation Health’s key audience segments.

Story Builder

The Story Builder matched trending topics with the brand advocates’ expertise, passions and interests, in line with the business’ objectives.

Questioning Engine

The Questioning Engine extracted rich, in-depth responses from the company’s thought leaders.


The Library enabled the team to grow their employer brand and establish credibility through unique and authentic insights and stories.

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