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Tuesday January 26 2021

Top Digital Marketing Trends from Adobe’s 2016 Source Event


Written by Alex Holderness

October 20, 2016


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One of Adobe’s biggest technical events came to Sydney last week, Source. We headed down to see what all the buzz was about. We’ll be catching up with some of those leading in the field over the coming weeks. Here’s the big trends that got the room talking:


From skill sets to cognitive bias, people behaviour was a hot topic at this technical event.

Biztech put a heavy emphasis on technical ability no longer being enough, an interesting start to the technical event.

As the need for integration and collaboration looks set to rise, a new opportunity comes in bridging the gap between traditional creative and technical people – those that can empathise and communicate will be king.

Later on in the day people came to the fore once again, and we saw a lot of nods from the crowd. The topic – cognitive bias, and the impact on project failure.

The concept being around how mindset can impact day to day, and having the ability to identify if a problem came from a technical or adoptive challenge can often be swayed by a person’s emotional baggage.

Fun fact here around expectations – The Sydney Opera House was expected to be completed by 1963 at the cost of $7 million. It was actually completed in 1973 for $102 million.


“If data is power, an experience is delight or disappointment.”

Each person now has 3.7 devices on average, so it’s not surprising that customer journeys and experience was hot on the lips of many speakers. The below image was used, to sum up the current environment we’re in on more than one occasion.

adobe-diagramSlides: Mic Antonio, Adobe

Scott King talked through the relationship between device, channel and user journey – an area where leading businesses are utilizing the power of data to realise the promise of personalised, customer centric experiences. Fundamentally driving disruption across traditional business models.

Another interesting fact here on how the name Skype came to play – It’s a combination of the words Sky and Peer


“If data is the voice of the customer, content is how you reply to them.”

If experience was a hot topic, content as service was on fire. With $300billion spent globally on marketing Zoran Nikolovski talked us through some key principles when looking at content strategy trends.

Slides from Zoran Nikolovski

In response, the topic formulated three key buckets to shape content strategy around.

Content Structure – The explosion of integration and focus on experience has resulted in content being a collection of smaller building blocks that tell a larger story. A content piece doesn’t have to be 700 words, more a series of 2-300 words pieces – Atomic Design Thinking.

Content Distribution – There are over 70 different channels which can be communicated across, spray and pray can no longer be an option. Over 90% of consumers have been reported to turn to people they know when making a purchase decision, and as a result, this has opened up the need for influencer strategy.

Emerging channels – With so many to choose from, just how important is it to keep up with new ones? Interestingly, people use 1:1 chat messages more than they use social media – playing a part in the conversations where people already are will be more important than creating new ones.

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Written by Alex Holderness

October 20, 2016

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