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Monday May 20 2019

Siteimprove Expand Aussie Presence

Written by Alex Holderness

April 8, 2016

Siteimprove realized early on that website maintenance is a full-time job for many businesses.

What’s at stake with decent website maintenance is scoping out technical errors and mistakes in content. Without a decent team or automated service watching out for these issues, it can mean considerable embarrassment if not a loss of reputation.

At the heart of Site Improve’s creation is their adherence to corporate social responsibility.

Located in nearly every continent, they’ve also made their presence known here Australia after launching late last year as they kick off their APAC expansion. With an office in Sydney, many Aussie companies now use Siteimprove’s service to keep their websites running at optimum level. They’re seeing the biggest success in Government, as well as education and healthcare.

Let’s look at the company’s recent growth:.

Siteimprove’s Content Suite

The company offers two basic suites: their content suite, and the web governance suite. Both have many crossover functions, though the content suite is an important one honing in on misspellings and broken links to assure these don’t go unnoticed.

They do this via a piece of software that gets plugged in and continuously scans through content modules, and an SEO toolkit to alert you to the tiniest errors.

Siteimprove’s software scans thoroughly to find these problems, including violations in staying compliant with regulatory policies. They’ll also find anything that violates your brand or legal requirements.

Just as important is making sure your website adheres to accessibility for the disabled. You’ll have scanning for this as well to assure you’re ADA compliant. This includes PDF file accessibility issues, which could easily go under your radar without outside help.

SEO mistakes get additional scanning to keep your website ranked high on places like Google. Because this is so essential today for web success, Site Improve saves considerable money having to hire SEO experts to do the same.

Web Governance Suite

The governmence suite provides the features mentioned above and extended analytics tools. This allows companies to go into more detail about visitors and how they react to your content. They make it easy with simple viewing, filtering and segmenting.

They also let you set up web feedback from visitors to hear suggestions and criticisms directly from prospective leads.

How Fast is Siteimprove Growing?

Many tech sites report Siteimprove established operations in six other countries last year due to extreme demand. Originally a Danish company, they truly have a significant worldwide presence now that’s likely to continue due to steady investments from other tech giants.

Global growth equity firm Summit Partners gave them $55 million last year as a continual chain of investments that probably won’t stop anytime soon. Since few other SaaS companies make web governance so comprehensive, Site Improve will no doubt stay a ubiquitous leader.

Source: Mattermark

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Written by Alex Holderness

April 8, 2016

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