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Saturday August 15 2020

Tech Companies Hiring Inside Sales Right Now in Australia


Written by Stephanie O'Brien

September 19, 2017

Have a confidential chat about all the sales opportunities within tech companies right now across Australia. 

Tech companies are notorious for their ultra-modern internal cultures which encourage personal and professional development. Understanding that happy people produce killer results. Those factors combined make for a workplace where you can grow as an individual whilst enjoying the buzz of working in ‘the inner circle’, learning what is coming next in this ever-changing tech space. One role in big demand is Inside Sales, and there are plenty of great companies to take your pick from.

What is Inside Sales?

This role supports all parts of the Sales department from lead generation to direct sale engagement.

Inside Sales is essentially sales which are handled remotely and most activity is done over the phone or online.

Inside Sales staff are prolific at taking data and leads and converting those to sales for the business. Unless absolutely necessary, most businesses these days prefer not to set up meetings. Inside Sales is the client frontline, before the client facing reps are called in. They are responsible for conducting demos or other activities to nurture leads until the sale is closed.

Who is hiring right now?

We’ve done some of the legwork for you, and pulled together some great companies along with real insights from those doing the hiring.


The DigitalMaas Platform is an end-to-end digital marketing solution that allows business owners to market themselves online.

1. Tell us about your Inside Sales team:

Our sales team consists of sales development representatives, inside sales managers and partner account managers. The sales development reps nurture leads that we obtain from various sources – interest expressed directly on the platform, online marketing campaigns, emails lists, blog posts, social media, events, marketing automation journeys, LinkedIn, etc. A culture of experimentation on how to gain more leads is encouraged and our SDRs relish the opportunity to get creative. As we’re a marketing platform, their KPI is to book demos with prospective customers or agencies that want to resell our products. Internal sales managers conduct the demos and nurture the lead until they close the sale. They manage new customers for a period of 45 days when they hand them over to our partner account managers who field future queries and grow the customer lifetime value. We’re in a growth phase at the moment, and as we close our current round of funding, our main focus will be to cultivate the sales and development teams as that’s where we can most significantly grow the business.

2. What do you look for in a new Inside Sales hire?

The key to a good salesperson is their hunger and ability to follow up with any and all lead interactions. If someone can display this in an interview, they will stand out from other candidates. Beyond this, effective sales people need to learn and understand the product or service they’re selling inside and out so that they become experts and impart knowledge to the customer while promoting the benefits that will solve their problems. This is complemented by constantly refining and optimising their sales pitch so that it’s relevant to whatever audience they’re dealing with at the time. Once they have a handle on this, they can more accurately forecast sales activity and increase their efficiency that benefits the business.

3. What’s the #1 reason Inside Sales candidates should choose your company over others?

DigitalMaas is an innovative place to work where many brains make light work. We combine technology with traditional sales processes to give our sales team a competitive advantage, increasing efficiency and resulting in very high industry close rates.

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is an award-winning bookkeeping platform that saves accountants, small businesses, and sole traders valuable time and money.

1. Tell us about your Inside Sales team:

As an organisation we are evolving the traditional inside sales methodology to move to a more social approach. We hired our first New Partner Consultant (our take on inside sales) in July and now have a team of six, responsible for new customer acquisition across the APAC region.

The team have been doing phenomenally well, successfully delivering on our ambitious growth targets, adding to the thousands of accounting and bookkeeping firms experiencing the benefits of software automation.

APAC is an extremely important market for Receipt Bank and instrumental to our overall success, so we’re on the lookout for more aspiring talent to join the team as we continue to expand Receipt Bank’s presence in the region.

2. What do you look for in a new Inside Sales hire?

In all potential Receipt Bank team members, we look for people who are curious, ambitious and passionate about leaping into the tech space.

In our experience, successful Inside Sales people are highly motivated with a competitive spirit – always looking to achieve a new personal best. We highly value our collaborative culture, so being able to work well in a team environment and wanting to accomplish great things as a team are also key qualities.

And ultimately, our aim is to help our customers succeed, so having a genuine desire to help and using your expertise to drive their continued growth is paramount.

3. What’s the #1 reason Inside Sales candidates should choose your company over others?

We’ve got all the ingredients for rocket ship growth. Not only will you hone your sales skills through our focus on learning and development, but you will grow with us and learn so much about what goes into making something world-class, which is our aim in every department.

It also means endless possibilities in terms of where you can take your career with us. Receipt Bank now has six offices on three continents, is experiencing annual growth of over 100% and has just taken $50 million in Series B funding. It’s a great time to jump in and help shape the next stage of our journey.


MuleSoft provides the most widely used integration platform (Mule ESB & CloudHub) for connecting SaaS & enterprise applications in the cloud and on-premise.

1. Tell us about your Inside Sales team:

We have an incredible team spread between Sydney and Singapore. We’re growing quickly and always looking to hire. The individuals we hire come from a mix of diverse experiences and backgrounds, but one thing you’ll find in common is that they have all applied themselves to a craft, activity, or role in the past and accomplished a lot. It is this drive, grit and a passion for sales that fuels our team.

2. What do you look for in a new Inside Sales hire?

When it comes to hiring, we’re looking to hire A-players – individuals who are so committed to excellence and driven to win, that they actually inspire those around them to win. Through a challenging and a deliberate recruitment process, we want to understand the candidate’s track record of success, meaning not only what their achievements are, but the how and why behind it. Everything we do is company first, team second, and self last. Being humble, positive, and having a can-do attitude helps make MuleSoft a great place to work for everyone. One of the primary goals of our process is also to ensure that it’s a mutual fit, that we align with your work style and goals. So, it is equally important that the candidate interview us as well.

3. What’s the #1 reason Inside Sales candidates should choose your company over others?

Because we can offer more. More than our culture, more than our product; I guarantee MuleSoft will be a capstone career opportunity, and make an inside sales candidate the best person they can be, both professionally and personally. Almost every Muley has commentated that they have never worked with so many highly intelligent and motivated people and that type of environment grows people exponentially. We operate in a culture of radical candor, where constructive feedback is given consistently between peers and management, so you gain a unique opportunity to truly grow and develop. People on the Account Development team at MuleSoft have grown their careers significantly; we have a number of people who started in Account Development and have moved up to become Account Executives, Customers Success Managers, Consultants, and other roles that are pivotal to the business.

Veeam Software

Veeam Software enables the Always-On Enterprise by providing data center availability with high-speed recovery and data loss avoidance.

1. Tell us about your Inside Sales team:

Veeam’s Inside Sales Team is a critical engine supporting all parts of our Sales business including Lead Generation, Partner Enablement, and Direct Sales Engagement. In total, we have a team of 25 that support the whole of the ANZ region – working closely with our Reps in the field from Perth to Auckland.  In line with the amazing growth, Veeam has had since opening our first ANZ office in 2010 – the team continues to increase in size – around 20 – 25% year on year. We continue to add role types and levels to support internal promotion and personal development. Needless to say – it can get quite noisy on the Sales Floor – the buzz is quite contagious!

2. What do you look for in a new Inside Sales hire?

Hungry, Humble and Smart!  We want to attract great talent to join our already amazing team and these 3 attributes really sum up what’s great about the team at Veeam.  We look for people who want to succeed – they enjoy being part of a winning team and are always looking for ways to improve and excel.  But, we don’t do it alone. Our most successful Sales Reps know they are most effective when they work as a team to get the deal over the line – no man is an island! And lastly – we really value diversity at all levels and that includes different skills and ways of looking at things.  Smart means asking challenging questions, looking for different ways to achieve our goals and leveraging all the amazing resources both within Veeam and our extended channel and alliance ecosystem.

3. What’s the #1 reason Inside Sales candidates should choose your company over others?

Every candidate has a different journey and their own unique aspirations – but universally what most people are looking for is to feel proud of the company they represent and to enjoy coming to work every day. At Veeam – we are so fortunate to sell an amazing suite of industry leading, niche products – that just work!  We are recognized by Gartner, IDC and Ovum as leaders in our field and it really is a privilege to be part of the Veeam journey.  Culturally – the leadership mantra of making our people one of our key priorities filters down into each office and there is a great ‘local’ vibe in Sydney that supports open learning and communication, a drive to succeed both personally and as a team, and having a great time along the way. Veeam has also taken out the Software Vendor of the Year award at the ARN awards night just this month!


Lenovo is a global leader in innovative consumer, commercial and enterprise technologies.

1. Tell us about your Inside Sales team:

We have a fabulous team of 32 Inside Sales Representatives covering a number of different areas of our business; Channel, Mid-Market, Enterprise and Global specializing in Acquisition, Retention, and Development. This provides plenty of variety and opportunity to move around within the team. At Lenovo we take pride in developing a talent pool from our Sales Support organization and have seen many successful team members develop from contractors, sales support team then move into the Inside Sales team. A number have extended their careers further into AE roles and management roles. It is such a pleasure supporting our people to develop their careers. In my opinion, the Inside Sales team is the backbone and fire in the belly of the company. Everyone plays their part in a high-performing, vibrant culture.

2. What do you look for in a new Inside Sales hire?

Definitely the right cultural fit is extremely important. People who are great team players, have an entrepreneurial spirit and can demonstrate dedication to their customers – both internally and externally. People that are driven to succeed.

3. What’s the #1 reason Inside Sales candidates should choose your company over others?

Lenovo is a large global company with abundant opportunities to grow. Lenovo fosters a competitive environment where employees can develop, add value and achieve their career aspiration. Participation in training and skills development programs is encouraged and our benefits options give employees a variety of choices to meet their personal and professional needs. Lenovo has a culture where employees are recognised and rewarded for their individual and team accomplishments. I love working at Lenovo, and love my team!

Zoom Video Communications

Zoom makes video and web conferencing frictionless.

Tell us about your Inside Sales team:

Zoom’s Sales Development Team is responsible for delivering happiness to our users while driving the revenue pipeline. Growing 215% in the last year, the team is optimized for inbound and outbound sales engagements. The SDR team’s success can be attributed to consistently retaining, growing, and promoting our employees. Over the last year, we’ve maintained 100% retention, promoted over half of the team, and have expanded globally! Now we have opened our Australian office, we’re looking to build our team locally.

What do you look for in a new Inside Sales hire?

Culture!  At Zoom we believe that happy employees create happy customers. Our core values are simple to remember: Our Community, Our Customers, Our Company, Our Teammates, and Ourselves. These are not just our work values, but the personal values of the employees Zoom seeks to hire. Outside of these qualities, Zoom seeks to have someone that has either video sales experience or exhibits excitement about learning sales and the industry. Those who show signs of leadership and those who are open to learning about sales, video/web conferencing, and the conference room experience are the perfect fit at Zoom.

  1. What’s the #1 reason Inside Sales candidates should choose your company over others?

Happiness and Growth. Our CEO, Eric S. Yuan, feels the most important part of Zoom is making sure the company culture is upheld. Zoom is a fun place to work – our team is highly motivated and has a great time working together. There are plenty of opportunities to grow within the company, with new verticals, segments, and constant expansion, the opportunities are endless to take your career to the next level.

As well as the amazing companies above, there are loads of Tech companies hiring in Inside Sales now.

You can flag your interest in a new job directly in our marketplace, or take a look below at some of the best:

Rezdy – Inside Sales Rep – Sydney

Made Comfy – Business Development Rep – Sydney

Sage – Inside Sales Rep – Chatswood – Sydney

Red Hat – Inside Sales Rep – Sydney

Dell – Inside Sales Rep –  Sydney

Intuit –  Inside Sales Rep – Sydney

Thomson Reuters – Inside Sales Consultant –  Melbourne

Rackspace – Inside Sales Rep – Sydney

WestconComstor – Junior Inside Sales – Sydney

Readify – Inside Sales Rep – Melbourne

VMWare – Inside Sales Rep – Sydney

PhishMe – Inside Sales Manager – Melbourne

Traction Digital – Inside Sales – Sydney

SAP – Inside Sales Manager – Sydney

Bulletproof Group – Graduate Inside Sales Rep – Sydney

Tyro Payments – Inside Sales Rep – Sydney

Gartner – Account Executive – Sydney

Zscaler – Inside Sales Rep – Melbourne

Top 5 Interview tips

Taking notes from the teams at Veeam, MuleSoft, Receipt Bank and DigitalMass, here are our top 5 tips to make you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Deep dive into your process – It is one thing to be passionate and another to impress the pants off your prospective employer by showcasing your ability to follow up with lead interactions.
  2. Put your passion on display – Everyone wants staff who LOVE their space. Remember to highlight what it is about the space that excites you and what you do to keep ahead in it.
  3. Be humble – The days of the sales sharks are numbered. Tech companies value teamwork and radical openness when it comes to constructive feedback. Be proud of your success, showcase it but be humble. There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’.
  4. Interview back – As the saying goes, it takes two to tango… This is never truer than at work. There is a special dynamic that is critical to the onboarding of staff. If you aren’t asking the right qualifying questions to your prospective employer you can’t know if they are the right fit.
  5. Be real – OK, this one is mine but it is still valid. You spend a lot of time at work. You want to show prospective employers who you are, be fun and friendly, display your crazy obsession with spreadsheets. Don’t be afraid to be you. Of course, you want to be hired for your skills but you also want to know that your new employer values your personality.

Written by Stephanie O'Brien

September 19, 2017

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