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#BeerOpsChilli – Microsoft, Cloud Conformity and More Talk DevOps Future


Written by Alex Holderness

July 4, 2017

Looking for the opportunity to engage and network with the DevOps community, while enjoying a few beers with your peers (see what we did there…)? Well, then say no more. We’ve got just what you need…

#BeerOpsChilli is one of Australia’s biggest DevOps events. After wrapping up 2016 on a high note, BeerOps is going strong into 2017 and organising their biggest event so far. 500 (yes, five hundred… that’s not a typo) DevOps professionals are coming to network, engage with the community and win one of the amazing prizes they’ll be giving away.

Save the date – Thursday 6th July.  If you are in DevOps, then you must attend. At The Martec, we will.

In fact, we are doing more than that…

We are proud to announce we’ll be sponsoring the #BeerOpsChilli event alongside some amazing brands like Microsoft, NetApp, Contino, Cloud Conformity, Computer Alliance and Hays Personnel.

But that’s not all, we like to dig a bit deeper than that. Being mere spectators isn’t our thing. That’s why we talked with Stephen Wallace, Founder of Meetup Madness and Co-Founder of BeerOps, Neil Carter, Open Source Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft Australia; Gethin Davies, a Consultant at Hays Personnel; Keiran McCartney, the Alliances and Solutions Manager at NetApp, Keith Davison, the VP Revenue & Customer at Cloud Conformity and Daniel Williams, Director of Engineering APAC at Contino.

Microsoft, NetApp, Contino, Cloud Conformity and Hays Personnel were kind enough to give us some of their time to talk DevOps.

We covered why they are sponsoring the event, the future of DevOps and advice for people looking to build a career in the industry.

Take a look below!

The importance of engaging the DevOps community

From engaging the community to supporting aggressive company growth, there are plenty of reasons to engage the DevOps community in Australia. But if there is one thing all sponsors vehemently agree on is the importance of spreading the word.

Stephen Wallace, Organiser: “I’m a firm believer in Zig Ziglar’s advice… ‘You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.’ We try to add as much value as we can to our network of nearly 7,000 developers. It’s great to know that we’re giving the members an opportunity through knowledge, to get ahead in their pursuit of life.”

Neil Carter, Microsoft: Engaging the open source community is fundamental to Microsoft learning about the technologies developers are using, the challenges they are facing, and what they need in order to innovate and succeed. Events and meetups like #BeerOpsChilli are not only a fun and engaging way to interact genuinely and casually with the community, it offers us a unique opportunity to share what we’ve been working on in our Azure cloud platform. We get to learn from the community, take that back to our engineers, and share what is coming to support developers in Australia.”

Gethin Davies, Hays Personnel: “We were fortunate to sponsor the Xmas event which was a great success. Well organised event providing an opportunity for us to network with our clients and candidates while learning about future developments in the DevOps space.”

Keith Davison, Cloud Conformity: “Cloud Conformity is in a significant growth phase with ambitious goals in Australia & New Zealand and US/Canada markets. We have launched our Canadian office which by July 4th will be 6 staff exclusively focused on our USA growth efforts. To support this growth phase getting our story & brand in front of Australia’s top cloud users & DevOps specialists is critical to achieve these lofty targets and the #BeerOpsChilli event certainly supports this.”

Daniel Williams, Contino“We wanted to throw our support behind a genuine community-led, technology agnostic initiative like BeerOps. It’s great to see Sydney and Melbourne on track to developing into energised tech hubs similar to cities like London and New York.”

Keiran McCartney, NetApp: “An opportunity to engage, listen to & collaborate with the community of Architects, Developers, Engineers & Innovators at the forefront of our digital economy.”

What advice would you give to someone wanting to build a career in DevOps?

Getting mentoring and advice from people who are where you are trying to go is the single best career accelerator. That’s why we asked these experts what advice they’d give to someone interested in DevOps. There’s some interesting and counterintuitive advice, but if there is something everyone agrees on is the importance of learning.

Stephen Wallace: “Although I am a great believer in the ‘automate, or be automated’ philosophy, I think it’s really important that everybody keeps their eyes on the horizon to see what’s coming.”

Neil Carter, Microsoft: “Fundamentally it all boils down to being a lifelong learner. Technological innovation is happening at such a rapid pace that tech and tools will look very different next year, or the year after than they do today. I encourage a growth mindset and curiosity in all of the new technologists I meet.”

Gethin Davies, Hays Personnel: “Attend regular Meetups, have regular conversations with senior engineers, learn new technologies and when you identify which areas you would like to work, give one of our consultants at Hays a call for advice writing your CV, interview tips and to discuss current opportunities in the market.”

Keith Davison, Cloud Conformity: “For someone trying to break into the world of DevOps, Agile & Cloud my advice is don’t sit back and wait for it to come to you magically. Get out there and gain the right certifications, network with the right individuals and speak to companies that are hiring DevOps professionals and learn about what they are after and work tirelessly to meet those requirements to gain entry into this profession.”

Daniel Williams, Contino“I wouldn’t explicitly tell anyone to pursue or build a career in “DevOps”, it’s a label for today’s problems and this is more of a moving target. It’s more about becoming a problem solver with practical skills to implement an idea or solution. There is a huge value in learning hard skills within a few software development languages/areas as a base and taking a strong interest in the end-to-end delivery of your work. Try to identify the best learning opportunities, pursue difficult challenging roles within technology, i.e. be open to travel, take the roles that offer the widest scope and change roles frequently every 2-3 years to learn different approaches, cultures and perspective. So, step 1 = curiosity + initiative.”

Keiran McCartney, NetApp“Engage, listen and learn from the incredibly supportive community… and most importantly, try, without fear of failure.”

What exciting developments do you see in the next 12 months in the overall DevOps landscape?

With such a fast pace, it’s hard to predict the future, especially in technology. But if there is a select group of people in Australia with the right background do it, it’s leading stakeholders at some of the biggest Australian companies. Pay attention.

Stephen Wallace: “From a technology perspective, I think we’re going to continue to see some very interesting work coming out of Machine Learning, AI and Serverless compute areas. As we continue our daily battle for relevance, I believe that we will see an increasing change in marketing behaviour of the tech companies. There will be less emphasis on traditional sales-y methods, and more placed on participating in trust-filled networking events.”

Neil Carter, Microsoft“I believe that DevOps is really a cultural journey for companies, with processes and technologies that support a breaking down of traditional IT barriers. I’m always hesitant to predict where things are going because of the amazingly disruptive technologies making waves in the engineering field, but I think we’re going to see a paradigm shift in rapid innovation and ideation-to-market agility. I’m excited to be here for the ride.”

Gethin Davies, Hays Personnel“We expect to see more clients move to hybrid Cloud Environments and to see an increase in demand for engineers with experience working container technologies. We also expect to see more adoption of Serverless architecture which will have an impact on the development of DevOps.”

Keith Davison, Cloud Conformity: What’s exciting is how valuable and how in demand this profession will be. All the relevant HR research highlights significant growth in all associated roles in tech especially engineers, cloud specialists, automation specialist & DevOps. The market is still young and the growth curve will not slow down in the near future.”

Daniel Williams, Contino: “There’s been huge acceleration in IAAS and PAAS that is rapidly eliminating loads of non-differentiating technology work. I’m hoping this convergence translates to re-focusing companies on the tangible goals again – solving problems and delivering actual value to customers. As an engineer, this means achieving exec buy in on ambitious projects – getting to work on far more interesting and directly measurably pieces of work. The conversation has moved to why not and how do we start.”

Keiran McCartney, NetApp: On one hand, it’ll be great to see the continued enhancement of key, enabling technologies like Kubernetes, Git, containers and growth of companies like Docker Inc. Atlassian, JFrog etc… but equally on the other hand, it’s always interesting to see if or how, newer technologies such as Linkerd, Spinnaker,Trident, together with companies such as Weaveworks and Buildkite, start to work their way into the consciousness & toolsets of the DevOps communities.”

You Can’t Miss It!

If you want to catch up with Microsoft, NetApp, Contino, Cloud Conformity, Computer Alliance and Hays Personnel, or simply grab a pint, engage with other developers and meet some new people, then #BeerOpsChilli is for you.

This Thursday, July 6th at 6:00pm in Sydney. All information can be found at Meetup Madness #BeerOpsChilli, or on Twitter. And if you want to keepup with upcoming events, sign up at Meetup Madness.


Written by Alex Holderness

July 4, 2017

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