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Australia’s Biggest Devops MeetUp Wraps up 2016 With Big Plans


Written by Alex Holderness

December 13, 2016

We’ve been exploring people, culture and tech here in Australia on our daily blog. If you’re looking for your next dream role with 100+ of Australia’s top companies doing amazing things in tech, check out The Martec.

Last week we headed down to the Sydney #BeeropsMegaMixer Xmas party to celebrate a huge year for Australia’s biggest collection of DevOps meetup groups.

What an event it turned out to be, there’s nothing quite like hundreds of people all in the same room who are passionate about the same things. Professional network is such an important of any IT professional these days. And with the free bar, we were nursing our head on Friday morning.

Beerops Sydney last week

Organiser Stephen Wallace has been growing the Devops and automation Meetup groups for the past five years and now has over 5,000 members attending up to 20 Meetups a month, over three states.

The 2016 Christmas party was held in both Sydney and Melbourne and sold over 900 tickets, raising over $6,000 which is all donated to charity.

We grabbed 5 minutes with Stephen to get the low down on the year so far and get a sneak peek for what’s in-store for 2017:

Stephen (2nd left) with some of the winners from one of the many giveaways

What’s the aim of the Meetup groups you organise?

We want to provide a safe haven for people to explore the ways they can be their best. I believe that if you don’t network, you get no work. Our aim is to bring people together and get them in front of their industry peers talking about the great work they’re doing.

If we can create an event that connects people, then we know our work is done.

How are the events organised?

We have 14 organisers working across three states running up to 20 individual events each month. We are lucky enough to work with some kind sponsors to help run events all through the year. We find that our speakers attract a wide range of attendees, consisting of IT professionals, hackers, managers, and engineers – from development and operations backgrounds.

With regards to our annual #BeeropsMegaMixer event, we take zero profits from ticket sales and sponsorship opportunities. Every dollar is given away to charities supporting kids, young homeless people, and asylum seekers.

What have been some of the hot topics covered this year?

We’ve seen a big increase in the demand for both containers, and also on people and purpose this year. Technology is changing so fast, if you want to remain relevant, it’s all about your ability to connect with people. Never underestimate the importance of your E.Q.

How would you sum up the festive #BeeropsMegaMixer?

A super fun, inclusive event which brings together all our groups. It’s a great way to break down those technology silos, and get people connecting and sharing stories. Definitely a people first event, with the added bonus of being able to give a large amount of money away to charity.

Beerops Melbourne

What’s on the cards for 2017?

I’m continuing to being of service to the community. I want to have the opportunity to help every single member of our groups be the best that they can be personally. Whether this be through education, product or service……or a magical combination of all of them, you’ll just need to wait and see @meetupmadness

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Written by Alex Holderness

December 13, 2016

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