API Platform Engineer

Why go to a GP when you need a Heart Surgeon.


We believe in bringing craftsmanship back into technology, because as technology artisans, we passionately care about the quality outcomes we leave behind.


We have some of the best talent in Australia (I'm sure that is also globally) and due to ongoing client demand we need more exceptional team members that can work in small teams to deliver amazing results across all of the practices we have.



  • Knowledge of API Gateways
    • AWS API Gateway (with Lambda for policy / Cognito for authentication)
    • Apigee SaaS/ On-prem.
    • Similar tools and platforms, with interest to master the above
  • COTS AWS Orch – Involved in making a COTS cloud-fit (Auto-heal)
  • COTS Config CD – continuously delivering Gateway config. across SDLC environments through automation, enabling Microservices Engineers to self-service
  • Experience with DevOps + CloudOps principals and practises. In API engagements, no focus placed on the ‘non-functionals’ (e.g. auto-healing) for CD tool chains.
  • Self-organising – ability to break down high level tasks into delivered backlog item with defined acceptance criteria and unit tests.
  • Definition of REST APIs must pass peer-validation for resource model identification and overall interface design.
  • Domain Architecture includes the system flows from API platform, into API Microservice layer leveraging interconnected domain relevant technologies including AWS tools/ features and test framework.
  • Full Stack INCLUDES functional configuration and certification of a product – not just the installation of the vanilla binaries and orchestration in AWS/ CD of config through automation pipelines.


  • API
  • REST
  • 12 Factor App
  • Microservices / Digital API
  • Development using 3rd Party APIs – Facebook login, Google Maps, Stripe payments API, Uber API, etc.
  • Networking:
  • TCP/ IP
  • HTTP
  • Certificate Management
  • Load Balancer



You know, work doesn't have to feel like work. In fact, we don't want it to. That's why we've cultivated an environment based on creativity. Because when people who care about their craft are given the freedom to explore possibilities without restriction, amazing things can happen.



No cool cliques, just hard-working humans generating ideas and devising solutions in a creative, collaborative work space. Professional but not corporate, we believe success is achieved through strong leadership (without interference from middle-management) and an autonomous working environment backed by the moral support of like-minded peers.


Versent Values and Behaviors

  • People: We believe in a positive team with family spirit, because life is to short for anything else.
  • Customer: We create remarkable experiences for customers and treat them as you would wish to be treated.
  • Quality: Be Artisans who care for their craft and lead change through continuous improvement.
  • Reliability: Do what we say we will do when we say we will do it, every time.
  • Transparency: Full disclosure, integrity and honesty in all things.
  • Reciprocate: Give back and assist as much as possible, whenever possible.

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