Sales Development Representative - Sydney

Crowdicity is a global leader in idea and innovation management software with offices in London, Nottingham, Sydney and New York.

Delivered as Software as a Service, Crowdicity empowers organisations to harness the knowledge, experience and creativity of their people to discover innovative ideas, new market opportunities, feedback and insight.

Crowdicity works with some of the world’s most recognisable enterprises, brands, government organisations and NGOs, including the likes of the UN, UK Government, Intuit, Dyson and Kellogg, to drive a culture of innovation and idea sharing.

Whether used to power open innovation, facilitate co-creation or as a platform for the management of ideas within the enterprise, Crowdicity is as the forefront of idea management software, looking to grow fast and change the world, one idea at a time!

About the role:

As a Sales Development Representative, you will be responsible for identifying, contacting and qualifying good quality sales opportunities through a mixture of outbound and inbound sales activities.

As the first point of contact with Crowdicity prospects in APAC, you will be tasked with introducing the value of open innovation, co-creation and idea sharing and identifying key use cases with agreed target clients.

Your primary role will be Identifying and qualifying leads for the growing APAC sales team, with the chance of moving into sales or account management roles in one of our global offices as your market and product knowledge allows.

SDRs will source leads in agreed markets and approach through a mixture of cold calling, email, Linkedin inMail and attending industry events.

What we’re looking for in a candidate:

Crowdicity’s SDRs are inquisitive, personable and self-motivated, looking to take the first step in a sales or account management career.

You will be adaptable and creative individual who will help identify, attract, retain and grow happy customers globally and deliver real value through open innovation.

Main Responsibilities

  • Identifying and qualifying outbound sales opportunities
  • Qualifying inbound opportunities
  • Setting and attending meetings for Crowdicity Sales Directors
  • Exploring new market opportunities globally
  • Planning and preparing sales presentations
  • Feeding into the development of marketing literature and competitor knowledge
  • Writing reports on new verticals and markets
  • Being the memorable first contact with Crowdicity! (For the right reasons)

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