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AI-powered video and written stories from your employees at consistent scale -segmented & personalised - for immediate hiring and retention impact

Scale employee and
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Scale video and written
content with AI
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Stop staring at a blank page. Find the best content topics for engaging top talent in seconds with Artifical Intelligence

Start with tested templates and real-world content that's worked. Or prompt your employees and leadership with personalised trending questions top talent is asking with our AI research engine.

Activate top employees and company leaders at scale

QR codes, text messages, emails, Slack alerts, 1 on 1's, magic links, drop in sessions - however you want to activate your people, we've got you covered.

Create stories from blank page to video or article every time in minutes

Busy employees and leaders have the knowledge - but no time. The Martec's AI prompting engine, writing assistant, and audio transcriber helps anyone write articles in minutes.

Social copy is automaticallycreated, and employees and leaders are prompted to share it at scale

Social copy is pre-written and distributed to recruiter emails, careers sites, job descriptions, and across social networks including prompts to employees and leaders to share.

Content is automatically distributed across your end-to-end talent journey - from attraction to retention

Careers sites, social channels, recruiter emails - and content experience hubs targeted to your segmented talent pools.

content experience
Actionable reports with proof of ROI impact

Look good by tracking the impact of your content marketing for talent.

Global Employer Branding leaders on The Martec:
Kata McLeod
Regional Employer Branding,
Allianz Australia

The Martec does all the thinking for you - from determining what topics to what questions to ask. It creates efficiencies and saves us hours of time in content planning and development.

Irina Zavyalova
Employer Brand Marketing Manager,
CGI Canada

Using The Martec platform enabled us to raise CGI’s profile in the market, elevate CGI’s Employer Brand and hire new talent by cutting through the competition with unique and authentic content from our employees.

It has been a fabulous way to enable our employees to participate in brand content creation and at the same time invest in their own personal brands! We have been able to unlock and amplify our employees’ expert voices and grow their networks, which last but not least, has inspired other colleagues with an option to shine online too!

In short, we love The Martec because it helps us craft authentic and relevant content  to support our people strategy here in Canada, from a standalone article to a robust and complex content plan to support a national networking event.

Rebecca Farmer
Global Employer Brand Manager,

Our people told us they wouldn’t know where to start with writing their own article. The Martec platform has made this really simple for our employees to do – so much so that people across Vodafone are now approaching us wanting to get involved! 

From suggesting relevant topic ideas to creating authentic articles, the platform has enabled us to build brilliant content globally. The Content Intelligence recommends topics for us which is invaluable when looking at what we should be talking about and we have a simple, user-friendly platform for stakeholders to get involved. 

We love the platform!

Simone Strachan
Head of Talent,

We have been using The Martec’s content marketing platform to help us attract talent in our key market, bringing to life employee stories and experiences through the creation of employee generated content. This has been distributed across various channels including internal forums and external social media platforms.

Along with giving our employees a collaborative platform to share their unique stories, the platform has also allowed us to showcase Sportsbet’s Values and our EVP to potential talent. It has enabled us to produce multiple authentic content assets efficiently and easily through the platform and develop our employer brand.

The platform has supported the early inception of our brand advocate program, by giving our employees a voice. To hear their amazing stories has been incredibly insightful and rewarding!

Laura Boyd
Head of Talent,

We needed help rectifying the fact that the Mable brand isn't at the forefront of the talent markets we are targeting. 

The Martec content marketing platform Content and People Intelligence enables us to create and share our unique employee stories - which is the beginning of our journey to enhancing our brand! 

Our people love seeing their stories in the market and there are now many firsts for us, first engineers blogs, first design blogs as well as fresh and relevant content for our new careers site!

David Phillips
Recruitment Marketing Director UK,

The Martec content marketing platform is one of the best finds of my career. For years I have struggled to find a way to produce content, at volume and at pace and without the need for extensive manual intervention…luckily The Martec has cracked it for us! No one likes to stare at a blank page, not knowing what to write (unless writing is their passion of course) and for many, they just don’t have the time to construct and produce blogs and articles that will “pack a punch”. 

By leveraging The Martec’s Content Intelligence we can produce pieces with depth and meaning, that are mindful, and relevant in the market and so are guaranteed to land well. With truly dedicated content support and a proven concept that works, I can confidently say that The Martec platform is intrinsic to our ongoing recruitment marketing strategy, and I would recommend it to anyone who will listen.

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